Feedback: The application of the "yellow glow" indicator is wildly inconsistent

The Rus have all their villagers glow after reaching the 1st Bounty Stage. Considering that the Abbasid Dynasty’s Golden Age level can also buff villagers, but nothing such extravagant as making everyone glow has been implemented, I think that is an inconsistent application. To say nothing of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty, which would make every single unit glow. Either make all empire-wide buffs light up every villager, or remove it for the Rus.

Also, the Rus have their units glow while being healed by their Priests. Same thing for Mongols being healed by their Kurultai. The healing effect has a glow, however the Kurultai’s buff is actually not displayed. Healing already has the green cross icon, so why make them glow? Also inconsistent with how healing effects are displayed in any other situation. [Edit: The Abbey of King’s healing also does the glow.] [Edit 2: Abbasid Keeps with Medical Centers & Delhi Mosques with Tranquil Venue also heal with the glow. Maybe all should get the glow.]

The Delhi Sultanate has an attack speed boost from two possible sources, the Tower of Victory’s permanent upgrade to all infantry and infantry archers that come within its radius of effect and the Scholar’s Zeal that improves damaged units’ attack speed for the duration of the healing. However, other than applicable units entering the Tower of Victory’s radius for the first time, the Sultanate’s attack speed is not visualized by a yellow glow. Both should be marked with the glow, shouldn’t they?

Two other Buffs without the glowy visualization are Chinese units on walls near the Great Wall Gatehouse and the aforementioned Kurultai’s Buff.

You could just make a list of all buffs that aren’t just blacksmith upgrades for a unit, and then have someone look over them and decide which should be displayed with the yellow glow effect.

My Suggestion:

Rus Villagers and any Healing other than the Delhi one with Zeal unlocked - no glow

Delhi with Zeal, Tower of Victory, Great Wall Gatehouse & Kurultai - glow

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Great contribution mate!