Feedback when moving units via minimap

If you’ve ever sent units somewhere via the minimap in AoE4, you might have felt like I do; a bit like I’m not sure where they’re going or if the input was sent at all. As in, I know where I vaguely entered my inputs, but at the same time, I feel like there is no feedback from the game at all.

Because, quite literally, there isn’t. Unless you were close to your unit at the time, the game does not give you feedback that you sent in those commands at all. Besides the flags which were recently added, you get no sound nor visual indicator on your minimap. I feel that this is kinda lacking.

I think Age of Mythology and AoE3/AoE3:DE did it right. This gives you a very non-intrusive bit of feedback that doesn’t last long, gives you a sound as well as some indicator to where you chose to go.

What do you think?


Warcraft 3 does something similar, although it does it without sound, and I think AoM ends up doing it better.

Really think this would help enhance the user experience.