Feels too much Artistic

I am not trying to censor you, its very clear you dont like AOE4, the majority does, why are you here to talk bad about it when you have 0 idea about how it works and then call us ‘‘hype guys’’ lol?

Its clear I don’t like current state… At last they keep in mind change the saturation.(thats a win for me). Complaining is a good thing, I’m not a conformist.
I have better idea about this than you think.

What do you dislike about the ‘current state’ except from the saturation?

Not very Age of… style, I said before. Unit style doesnt match at all with previous titles (1, 2,3)

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I dont understand what you mean. Age of empires 2 looks vastly different to age of empires 3. Please write a detailed explanation, you’re just making up smoke right now. What do you mean, in DETAIL?

Well I hope when the original game play releases it will be more realistic than this cinematic trailer.

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I am not trying to censor you, its very clear you dont like AOE4, the majority does, why are you here to talk bad about it when you have 0 idea about how it works and then call us ‘‘hype guys’’ lol?

No you are not censoring, you just “recommend” people with different opinion to leave forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please provide us with details regarding your comments about “Majority” or even “Big majority”. I am sure you have some research or data supporting your views.

Nevertheless, I would like to add people here are just expressing their opinion. And if developers would see the community do not agree with something very strongly, they may change some aspects of the game. May or may not.

Regarding the majority, I do not know… But I know there are several people who are not satisfied with the first impression of the game based on trailer.


Let me just ask do you like the Aoe 4 announce trailer(2017) or the trailer they gave now??Which one did you like the most.My thought is 2019 trailer didn’t matched up to the announce trailer.

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The majority speaks for itself. Go see the likes/dislikes ratio on trailers, the comments on the youtube announcements that have 1 mil + views. The majority is happy. And I liked the new trailer more, I did not want Age in world war 2, scifi or the extremely boring napoleonic era. Medieval is where it’s at. Rich stories, diverse nations, variety of technologies, and each empire with its own agenda. And thank god Microsoft knows this and they chose medieval era again. I hope they never leave that timeline. I also did not tell him to leave the forum, I asked a question as to why he keeps posting when he knows nothing about the game in a forum that is clearly about a game he dislikes.


you are not hearing me actually, 2017 trailer didn’t told anything about WW2.But it was more harsh,vengencefull & the 2019 trailer looks like a kids game.
if you haven’t seen it yet


Thats your opinion, dude. I dont think it looks like a kid’s game. Fortnite looks like a kid’s game, AOE4 clearly does not.


Although I am not too concerned about the art style, I can also see the mismatch between the Announce and the Gameplay trailer.
It’s as if something fundamental changed to the direction the game was taking during this period and to the atmosphere that wanted to create.

The announce trailer is more grim, more serious, with atmospheric music and narration. You immediately know that something big and serious is coming up.
The gameplay trailer doesn’t match those traits, it’s too much of an eye candy and eventually looks too “fun” and bright compared to the announcement.

"the grounds of battle become stained with fire and blood" says the announcement, you can’t really see the harshness of this narration to the gameplay trailer, let alone blood on the battlefield.

Without the AoEIV tag at the end actually I don’t think that one can guess that they are both about the same game. There’s a point in this critique.


Meanwhile, Civ6 has left the chat. (People even said XCOM 2 looked like cartoon) People don’t need to cling on the graphics alone, Civ 6 was trash, both graphically and gameplay-cally, XCOM 2 was a step up. XCOM 2 took gameplay to the new direction, and it worked. Companies make sequels to progress my friends, what’s the point of making another game if you don’t take gameplay in more sensible, new directions? Why do you think new comes hate the Final Fantasy games? Only fans of the series like them.

Anyways, @AdhocMarigold33 , @iIiAGSPiIi and @Lionkanzentai, you , me and everyone in this forum are welcome to poste anything they like. We are not here to change opinions, we can present our opinions, and if other party wants to follow, good, if not, good too.

Opinions are what make us separate, but as an AOE fans, collectively, must agree to the consensus at the end of the day. Consensus liked the new AOE4, and @SektorXIII is correct, majority does like the graphics. I have personally seen the YouTube comment sections, twitter blogs, and the recation from pro players. Zero Empires, spirit of the law, they even liked it.

I personally hated the setting, I wanted them to follow on to Ensemble timeline, and if Relic had done that, they would have had an upper hand, because they are industry specialists for WW rts game.
But people wanted medieval setting, and they won, so I just said ok.

Majority is happy, we should be happy too. I know @Lionkanzentai you are artist, you have told me so last post. But, you have to understand, current art style is not hindering the details in the game. It’s not getting in our way and blocking FOV in the game environment. So tell me isn’t that what you artists care about the most? Getting the details across? Art is a supportive material, it is not the front man.

I know many of you won’t change your opinion, and that’s ok. Majority is happy, we should just follow sometimes :slight_smile: I have been here for almost 2.5 years, seen most of you almost every thread, and I would hate to see old friends leave the forum.


Not really I’ve seen people call AAA to bare bone ■■■■ work too. AOE is never considered a AAA, neither does any other RTS. They are all AA at best.

Starcraft 2 is definitely AAA game as an RTS. Also AoE4 will be too. Compared to old games, they have much more power to invest like they are doing now. AoE3 is also a AAA game. You can’t find that good pathfinding, story, details, visuals at non AAA games.

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I would argue that it’d not call it a AAA game

Yeah you’re right.This bright settings does give more details & even many minute details,giving the game more historical aspects,kids friendly,& not just war & violence.Even though many original AOE2 fans may dislike it,this is a good move, at the end it’s the game play & strategies that matter most in an AOE game.It’s new step up,& not just an another version of AoE 2.I’m sure the developers have thought about all of these a lot.Many new games follow this type colors like clash of clans & many other.Many may have problems with these because they might have expected an another version of Aoe 2 & not exactly a new game.But it’s better to criticize the game only after playing it at least for a month & these colors won’t be a matter then.As the saying goes “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.I’m sure AOE 4 will be better & more popular than Aoe 2.