Feitoria needs masive buff

didnt even read ur sugguestion beecause i expect it to be bad, when u say terrible design.

the . like x1.5.
REssources on the map should never run out in the first place. And the Feitoria should only be viable when u r pushed back so much that u have littoe access to cvertain ressources and then decide to makje Feitorias

You can buff food and wood , but not gold and stone because gold and stone always run out fast in 1v1

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Problem with the Feitoria is, it’ll always be terrible in the beginning, and always be OP in the end. No real way to fix that as long as it gives unlimited resources.


IDk what you mean here.
But there are tw stages where Feitorias are amazing atm.
One is in a fimp situation wiht one TC. Cause Feitorias are currently still giving way more economic value than adding TCs when you don’t have the pop limitation.
Meaning until you are getting close to pop capped, feitorias are actually just simply better than adding new TCs in Imp.
And the other is ofc when other Ressources like Stone, Gold and Wood are running out and you would need to buy them from already increased market prices.

Only in between, when you are pop capped and still have access to the limited ressources on the map Feitos aren’t as good as villager eco.

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If you buff wood gen rate though, they become super obnoxious on water maps, which is already one of the places where they are ridiculous.


when will devs fix this building? buff

and trees, gold, stone mines need to regrow slowly.

Then how about this: make the Feitoria “exhaustible” like Vespene Gas in StarCraft.

  • A Feitoria has two modes, fast trinkle & slow trinkle;

  • When first built, it is in “fast trinkle” mode, generating resources at high rates;

  • After a fixed amount of in-game time has passed, it irreversibly switches to “slow trinkle” mode, generating resources at low rates, but costing less population.

Its building costs can be drastically adjusted to accomodate this design.

I thought about something like that. My idea was that you would get a secondary pool of resources, and your feitorias would drain from it. If you want to supplement your normal eco, make one or two. If you need protection at the expense of longevity, make five or six.

What about making Feitoria a building that can only be built once and having it produce a fixed number that can be increased with each villager garrisoned there (as opposed to increasing over time)?

Or a building that can be built multiple times, but with a limit of (say 10) villagers, paying resources all at once immediately? Maybe it needs to be reduced in size.

You might be playing the wrong game if you want that.

You have to ability to change those things with mods or in the case of the Feitoria you can even change it’s generation rate in a random map because it’s a “resource”. Same with Monument and Battle Royal resource trickle rates.
It’s obviously also possible in a custom scenario.

You should accept that >90% of the players don’t want to play the game your way so the default values should not be there to suit your needs.


Try age of empires 3

What if they worked like AoE3 Italian Lombards instead? So it would stay similar, but instead of producing infinite resources, you’d have to deposit a resource and you’d receive the others. Like, p.e. you’d deposit 1200 food in the Feitoria and, over the couse of 10-12 minutes or so, you would withdraw your deposit and receive 400 wood, 400 stone and 400 gold. I think it wouldn’t really be OP in the same situations that it is now and, at the same time, a bit more play.

change it to, max 1 feitroia buildable in castle age and max total of 2 feitorias in imeprail age. lower it to 10 pop cost.

the main issue arises when you shift all your villager eco in feitorias, e.g. when you do fast imp and boom build 5 feitorias on the spot or when there is no wood left to chop and you delete useless vills and just pump 5 feitorias.

a small unlimited trickle of ressourcesis fine, see burgindian gold farms or just relics.
replacing your regular vills with as many feitorias as you want gets into the edge caes where it is not fine.
e.g. 500 pop game with 15 feitorias or 5 feitorias on ilands in lategame.

limiting feitorias number we can both buff them (1 in castle age, 10 pop cost) and nerf them at the same time in imp where unfair sitautions can happen (gett raided, lose 40 vills and just replace instant with more feitorias)

this is the only solution to both keep the feitorias to work as they always have been, make them not useless in regular play and not op in special cases.

but then, do you rly believe devs gonna care to do a proper rework after this has been discussed for more than 6 years?

feitoria is not broken. It is underpowered. What is broken is the eco of aoe2. If trees regrow, and market rates regenerate, feitoria wouldntr be an unfair adavtage bc ressources never run out, unleess u get beaten

Do you think elephants are weak

Just play age of empires 3 where farm and planatges offer unlimited gold and food and factories for wood exists. That game is balanced around unlimited resources at endgame. Aoe2 is not. I play both games, but you should stop asking for such a fundamental change to age 2.

Start coping

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Honestly I also think wood should very slowly regrow or at least spread.

Something similar to Tiberium in Command & Conquer.
It should of course be an option for those who prefer it the classic way.

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