Feudal Age Win

Is the meta in this game just to rush all in feudal age with rams? The majority of my games end in feudal age either because I beat my opponent by going all in feudal or vice versa. Barely any of the games I play make it to castle age let alone imperial unless it’s a water map or a map like black forest.

Its definitely very common and powerful, but I find fast castling and doing 1 tc man at arms completely destroys it almost every time, its very strong with HRE but I think almost any civ could do it. I do it alot with French since the enemies always think Ill do knights after rading them with a few but I just harass them for a bit, fast castle, drop like 4-5 barracks and spam man at arms which completely destroy any Feudal age unit.

Most of my wins are due to me playing either French or HRE and going all in with knights or early men at arms. Opponent can’t really fast castle when im ramming his stuff down and killing his villages with knights/maa while he’s trying to build his age 3 landmark. Everytime either I or my opponent tries to boom or fc it gets destroyed by all in early knights/maa + rams. Maybe i’m just not playing properly but whenever I try to play a bit less passive by not trying to go all in I get destroyed by opponent going all in and vice versa. It feels like you always have to be ultra aggressive/go all in otherwise your opponent will do that to you and you’ll lose.