Feudal Ram for more agressive game

Actually it’s quite easy to make a wall (house…) which stop anyone in feudal. You can’t destroy building efficiently with infantry.
If there is a trash ram which can be build in the barracks at Feudal :
Wooden Ram:

  • Cost: 120 of wood
  • Attack: 1 (bonus +5 against siege unit +25 against wall and house and +15 against other building)
  • HP: 35
  • Attack rate: 2
  • Melee armor: 0
  • Pierce armor: 1
  • Training time: 30 sec

In castle age:
The unit can be produce only in siege workshop with:

  • training time of 20 sec
  • hp: 50
  • melee armor :1
  • pierce armor: 5

This kind of ram are easy to stop can’t be used as a shield against unit. Great to destroy last building of someone. When there is no more gold on the map the game take too much time to finish. That is why a trash unit who can destroy building made only of wood could help and won’t never be efficient against tower, castle or tc.
Upgrade of this ram will be link to upgrade of normal ram like fireship and will be also affect by siege engineers.
Upgrades of ram :

  • attack : 1 (bonus +7 and +10 against siege, +30 and +40 against walls, gates and buildings who cost only wood, +15 against other building)
  • hp : 55 and 60

The design could be a man holding a trunk.

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35HP and 1 Pierce? For 120 wood? And I assume it needs a 200 wood siege workshop? Too expensive for feudal and too easily stopped by archers


He mentions rax. But agree its too squishy he might have just been trying to be conservative.


Only for Cumans, yes

35 hp 1 pierce? omegalul

Game has good balance while you cant really finnish the players at the feudal age, because players has arrow shooting town centers. Its important for the Game mechanics to Avoid end Game too soon.

I still would stand for the idea to having more siege in this Game, like cheap version of the siege (trash/strong siege), because the siege is just too strong to kill infantry and the archers and fighting against the siege becomes boring; trash siege, like infantry rams would be more mobility and cheap. Small catapults would be cheaper way to destroy enemy onagers than Battle 1:1 onager battles.

Just like they added petards to make rushing trough the enemys buildings more a sensible option, developer would create more options to fight with the siege. The changes shall be stardardet, so trash siege would be players able to use in most of the games. There have been made changes for naval battles (->Light fireships allowed on the feudal age) so I dont see why there could not be changes for the feudal siege fighting.

I saw this thread adcertised in My mobile advertising bar and while I like to play this Game I suggest My optinions.

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I like this idea! The current wall meta is a bit boring. But maybe an adjustment that could be made is it only has bonus damage against houses and palisades? I don’t like the idea of being able to knock out enemy production buildings so early in the game. That way it’s only purpose is just getting your scouts or archers through a wall.

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He said it would train out of barracks.

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Imagine this:
“2 MAA holding a trunk / big piece of wood”
Production from the barracks:
100wood + the cost of 2 MAA (120f, 40g)
-> the unit has only 30hp
BUT -> once it “dies” it becomes 2 regular MAA
(Just like infantry hiding in a Ram).
You could even kill your “mini-ram” yourself if you need the 2 MAA …

That would make MAA a lot more useful in Feudal without buffing their stats.

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I want to keep the way how feudal is, “nothing” can destroy the TC. This kind of ram will be destroy in two shot of the TC and easily by villagers. The goal is to be able to enter in the ennemi base

The idea is really fun but it’s not aoe2 style

I have update the text

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Good point

For me there’s an even simpler solution. We have siege towers, which is now pretty useless unless you’re trying a Mastapiece or a troll game.

Make it cheaper and available at feudal and you might be onto some interesting results.

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Would you give people the ability to build a siege workshop in feudal? Seems like it could be abused.

Siege tower are weird. They need to be fix before that.
Slower, cheaper, less hp and they are great if it’s easier to use them. But I think dev can’t do it easily.

No, this ram will be available in barrack at feudal. It’s only a man with a trunk.

but its too weak, it won’t even be made. it also takes away from what makes cumans unique.

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How about to create rams at the stable at the feudal age? Barrack and archery range has two recruits and stable only one which are scout cavalry on the feudal age. Would players be able to create light rams at the stable instead of the barrack? It could make also more sense to transport the big trunk with horses across the battlefields and make stable to be build in feudal age more useful.

My suggestion is that trunk has four man at arms- like, non-weapon wielded carriers and whole unit dies if it has no more hitpoints left. AP suggestion is 4 and attack bonus against ONLY walls, which is x30 multiplier (120 damage in total). This mean palisade being destroyed by 3 hits, stone walls by 9/18 hits and fortified wall by around 25 hits. Light ram would be like a non-suicide petard-unit. Unit armor should be more like 3/0, so the unit is able to being counter attacked by premade towers or the archers, but it would not be not effectively beaten down with melee units, while it could be fine unit to pair with battering rams in the later game.

Unlike the ram-unit line, light ram should have attack bonus only against the walls, which against it is intended - not the buildings. Otherwise it could be too offensive and would change whole the game mechanics.

Other suggestion is that players would be able to create light rams before upgrade them into battering rams, but that would not be good idea while you need to research the castle age first and use 160 wood and some gold for the small ram, but if there would be change to create siege workshop on the feudal age, these light rams would be working OK. Cumans could still be able to create battering rams on the feudal age, while other players creates light rams.

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I admit that in stable it’s perhaps a better idea.
But I disagree about the bonus only against wall. This kind of ram should be efficient at castle age and later to destroy wood only building because normal ram are too slow to smash them.

I though the Best function in mechanics for this unit is to be a non-suicide wallbreaker unit basically avaibled for every civilization and being trainable starting from the feudal age. While there is already a battering ram this unit should have a new role to fill up it’s strategial function in the game.

Main problem in the feudal age while rushing are the blocking stone walls, while the attacker have no way to destroy them with standard units. Walling with stone is expensive but often its a best way to survive against the rushes. Wood buildings are good blocks but as a shield those are weak against infantry and blocking players own economy and defence.

Castle age petards are way more better open the line of walls than a battering ram or any other unit in castle age. The idea of early Rush is to shock enemys economy. Petards are not suitable for destroying buildings while they are suicide units with high Costa, and the reason for this also would be found from the metagame mechanics.

IMO, having a change to destroy enemy wooden buildings in feudal age very fast, is nothing but the main strategy that every player must play while after having this change made.

Having a too effective raze unit in feudal age will break the current metagame mechanics; early rush is way too effective and Best way to play in standard game and by this way most games will end too soon.

Otherwise the damage is too low and the unit is too expensive this unit would be a less useful unit in the standard game than a militia.