Few bugs on AOE II DE

Game Version: 101.101.34793 4597979

  • Build ((####))

Issue 1:

The player number(1=blue 2=red etc.) color are bugged. When i play red i sometimes get orange or blue or any other color.

Reproduction Steps: Color bug

  1. Select player number(Color)
  2. Play game
  3. See that you don’t have the right color

Issue #2

The mouse control(camera) is way different than Age 2 HD
When i move the camera in the game it seems a littlebit laggy. I stop moving my mouse but the camera still move for a few milisecond not like in HD.

Reproduction Steps: Play a game

Issue #3

There is a bug with the military stats. It say we killed only few units(less than 100) when we clearly killed many more(more than 200).

Reproduction Steps: Just play a game and kill many ennemies.

Maybe its the mouse inertia; you can disable it in the game settings.

One bug, one issue please.

Well i will do another topic for the stat bug then

Also what is that mouse inertia? I don’t find it.

“Scroll Inertia” in options “Game” tab.

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