FF needs a bigger vulnerability window

having played multiple 1v1, ff is too strong generally. it’s hard to stop or punish, especially against certain civs like ports or Mexico, and it doesn’t feel like you can meaningfully contest with age 2 play in most cases. the meta it promotes isn’t fun.

removing colonial militia or moving it to age 3 would be a great step, the card in age 1/2 is harmful. however, most ff/semi don’t even need the card anymore. at least remove from ports.

reducing town center hp to 4/5000 would be another option. have the hp/damage auto upgrade on age up if you want, but there needs to be a way to actually threaten tc in naked ff when you commit all in age 2. increase tc base damage to 10 so defending with units isn’t hurt as much.

another is to add 20-40 seconds to all fortress age ups. if the return on your resources spent is slower, it gives age 2 play more time to have an impact.

changes are needed to get 1v1 meta in a better spot and give counterplay to all strategies when scouted. for ff/semi it feels like you have to join them in most matchups.

for more context, I’m now seeing players consistently aging up between 6-7 minutes even at lower elo.

between mm, tc fire, unit shipments and age up rewards there is no way you can kill a town center if they are good. at that timing in most matchups, I’m lucky if I burn 2 houses and snipe a villager with a rush. there is no point in sieging tc or committing to age 2, at most a semi harass to force idle and maybe kill a vill while you age up as well.

fortress food cost could use a bump to push a healthier 7-8 minute ff and make vills more vulnerable. forcing ff players into the map earlier for hunts is also a good thing. the free town centers ports get could also use a big hp nerf, similar to age 2 tcs in aoe4. forcing ports to make units in age 2 to defend would make fighting them feel so much better.

I think you raise good points. Not sure if it needs to be big tweaks though. Might require little adjustments. As long as age 2, ff and semi ff are all viable/punishable then that would be good.