FFA disconnect

Whenever the host left or surrender, the game will last for like 10 mins and then DC.
I never played FFA or 2v2v2v2 since then coz the game will DC while you are winning and the host left the game
It said " losing connection" and force you to quit the game. And most of the time those 2v2v2v2 last 2 hours and are all gone. Dev please fix this annoying problem.

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Well games these days are hosted as servers so even if the host leaves the game should keep going.
Would require some further experimenting to see what it could be, maybe you were in a far region.

im in EU and its not. It happens today again after the host surrender, his teammates were still fighting and after 5 mins the game just DC. IDK why is this still a problem

It’s only Age1.

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