Ffa is really bad on wood for some civs

in a map as caribe, where wood lacks a lot, civilizations like india with 1600 wood shipment that is infinite, left behind civiliations like aztecs that cannot get wood
please give these civilization that doesnt have option any other option to get infinite wood besides chopping trees, an option to survive on long matches like ffa, where wood cant be accesible
because if not the case, nobody will pick these civs for ffa.


Aztecs have a card that changes wood cost for gold and also improves mining by a lot


I think a lot of maps are pretty screwy for FfA, developing weird distortions to make the map perpendicular. For example, they reworked Carolinas which makes the trade route run perpendicular to the ocean rather than parallel, causing all the TPs to get clumped close together. I know they try to make it so that each team has equal access to each resource, including natives and trade routes, but it also makes the map look and play strangely.

No es una solución pero, creo que crearon el nuevo modo de juego (Guerras del Imperio) para eliminar ese problema.

En cualquier caso creo que un envió de rickshaw de arboleda (Infinito) les vendría bien.

This pretty much solves the issue, I’d like to see them get an infinite wood crate though but maybe reduce the amount and not give them 1200inf because with their hero allowing them to get tons of xp from fighting it could be quite unbalanced late game.

i didnt knwo it, ill try to find it

yes but, it only changes otomi and coyote to gold, it doesnt change all the ships cost to gold, so in caribe aztecs are dead due to lack of wood supply.
for example incas, india, mexico can have an infinite trickle/gather/card of wood, a dance for wood, 1600 card shipment, mexico can gather wood from haciendas which is super unbalanced

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Yes but, in maps like caribbean you use lots of wood for boats. Also if your buildings get destroyed you ain’t able to get more wood.

I’d also like to mention that grassland maps are the ones that you tend to want to use cavalry on and they have less wood and more hunts and oftentimes more coin mines.

Shame that Kanya Horsemen cost so much wood.