Fields and improved buildings for African Civs

Is there anyway we can have fields available for the african civs from age 1 since we have cards in age 1 for them also improved buildings would really help out alot since we rely on our universities and palaces to create maigadi they get destroyed so quick.

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what does the universities have to do with fields, they don’t buff the gather rate of fields

They have the upgrade at the tc for hp to buildings instead, it is very expensive in 1v1 though for 3000 influence. No idea why fields can’t be built in age 1 either, every other civ can.

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Because fields are cheap, and act as plantations. Besides who needs to farm in act 1?

if you are building farms age 1, you probably shouldn’t be making balance calls


The reason they’re locked in age 1 is probably to prevent AoE2 and AoE4 players from trying to build them right away.


Noone needs to farm in age 1 having advanced agriculture means you could use 1 vill to setup your fields while the rest are chopping wood or mining coin during transition. The coin gathering from fields should maybe be available from the 2nd age onwards.

Lol yeah that sounds noob right… But we don’t think alike I’m simply saying if you have advanced agriculture(free fields) 1 vill could be building your farms during transition already how will you ever use cards like draft oxen if you ever gon build fields

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cause you dont build fields until like 15-20 mins into the game when the resource runs out and by that point and the game is unlikely to be in age 1 at that point

If its treaty then also you are not likely to be in age 1 by the time you start building fields?

The upgrade is similar to a star fort upgrade but it doesn’t replace the improved buildings card

True, even though I will only be farming later trust me my farms are up already even when there’s hints around

then you will be dead unless playing against the easy ai

No I actually think the Ai sucks right now cause it’s weak before it was to try my Bo now it dies to a single unit composition

You’ve played against me bro I’m Griot

Try Hardest or Extreme.

Below that AI isn’t going to challenge you.

I only play on Extreme since the release of De

The reason advanced agriculture is in age1 is to allow space in decks and make it competitive. If it were an age2 card, it would compete with much better cards, so nobody would use it.

Not all cards are supposed to be sent in the age they are available in. Most age1 cards shouldn’t be sent in age1. In fact, most of them gain value later on.


ok cool I understand