Filter for Browse Mods

Hi, I’m just a very casual player of AOE who enjoy campaign and some custom campaign by the awesome authors.

While I go through and search for custom campaign, even I had filtered with “campaign” while browsing mods, I still need spend a lot of time to go through one by one.

Is there any possible at additional filter like “filter by author”, “filter by civilization” etc?

I had try browse and subscribe mods from website(not in-game) but it didn’t installed in the game.

I also enjoy custom campaign like the golden horde, Vytautus the Great, Charles Martel. If anyone can recommend more similar campaign, much appreciate. Thanks.

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you will enjoy Filthydelphia’s campaigns … just search for PhillySouljah in search bar… i also make some custom scenario

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I would suggest trying searching by keyword, like the author’s name or a civilization name.

For subscribing, be sure you’re logged on to the web site with the same account where you purchased the game. For example if you purchased through Steam, use your Steam login on the web site to be sure it syncs correctly with the game.

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Thanks for the recommend but unfortunately his campaigns are not suit to me, haha. More accurately that his campaign more like scenario, I personally prefer campaign that pretty straight forward objective and come with a base, train troops and strike.

Some chinese campaigns are good also, although I’m Chinese but I’m not use to chinese word in the game and always has bug in the objective column which can’t read it full/complete.

ohhhh, I didn’t know the filter can search by creator name, I thought only by game name. It’s a good way also as I can marked down few of my favorite campaign’s creators.

Yes, I purchased through Steam, then I login website with xbox because I thought in-game I signed in with xbox account also. Thanks for pointing out.