Filtering Decks Quality of Life Feature Request

I don’t know if the devs are listening here, but there’s two Quality of Life (QoL) features that have been discussed on some discord servers that, in theory, would be easy to implement and make selecting decks much simpler and would likely result in people making a lot more decks. The proposed QoL features are:

Add match-type flags to decks and be able to sort them automatically
And I don’t mean civ flags or the like, I mean from a software perspective. When creating or editing a deck, you should be able to select a series of boxes based on the type of match you want to use that deck for, in maybe three categories:

  1. Players: 1v1, Team, FFA
  2. Map type: Water, hybrid, land
  3. Rule Set: Supremacy, Classic, Deathmatch, Treaty, Tycoon, Empire Wars

What might this look like?
First, this should be an optional and togglable feature. In the gameplay settings in game, there should either be two radio buttons, off by default, which would be:

  1. “Enable deck sorting by match type”
  2. “Automatically sort decks by match type”

or a drop down selection for “Sort Decks by Type” with 3 options:

  1. “Off”
  2. “Enable”
  3. “Enable and Automatically Sorts”

If the enable option is not selected, nothing changes from what we have now. Selecting Enable and Automatic allows you to select match type flags when making a deck and enables a radio button in the deck selection screen. Perhaps something like this:

When Building Decks, perhaps it could look like this and use the excess space:

The idea is that in a match, if you have the function enabled, ONLY matching decks show up in the deck selection screen (with the option to toggle it off to see all of the decks). So the deck selection might look something like this (the difference between auto and not auto would just be whether or not the toggle is on by default):

Or maybe this:

So if the feature were implemented, if you were playing a 1v1, only 1v1 checked decks would be counted. Each category should assume that if no boxes are checked, the deck should be automatically included. For example, if I had a 1v1 deck but didn’t select any map types, it would show up in all 1v1 selections regardless of map type.

The other idea floated was:
Enable a search function for deck names

Both features could be added (doesn’t have to be one or the other), and this would allow you to simply search for decks in both the creation and search screens. It could be enabled by a radio button in settings that is off by default. Maybe something like this:

And this:

So you could search “3v3” or “Cav” or something and find it very quickly. Wildcard should be enabled.

Technical Justification
Frankly, this should be fairly easy (obviously dangerous saying that for 18+ year old code). The decks are stored in the home city xml files


As someone who has worked with XML like this before, adding new fields is straightforward, and XMLs are easy to read (and you’ve had to import all the info ahead of time into the program to display it), so a search function and/or filter function should just rely on some pretty simple logic in the program.

Thoughts? This is in addition to the oft requested feature to manually sort decks.


This QoL can expend the amount of decks somone can have and will minmise the time needed to select one. if anyone watches the streams the players somtimes scroll on more then 20 or 30 decks to find the deck he needs which in a competetive match is a waste of time that can effect his game play.


I played around with the graphics and this is my second attempt at visualization. It doesn’t look cluttered in the Deck builder, at least to me.

And, just to be clear, these would be check boxes. You could select all options simultaneously for any deck.

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This isn’t contributing to the discussion. Please leave the doom and gloom stuff of the threads dedicated to that.

Keep this thread constructive and focused on what I’ve proposed. Is the idea a good one, how could it be improved, etc.

Please stop and delete these comments. This is meant to be constructive.

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