Finally good Infos on what happened with the Aoe4 developement ( by Likador)

Likador Is proplayer of AOE and he had been into AOE Council helping with developement. Zeroempires asked him to join into Council in 2019

“State of AoE4 and the AoE franchise from the eyes of LidaKor (VERY LONG) | AoEZone - The international Age Of Empires community” State of AoE4 and the AoE franchise from the eyes of LidaKor (VERY LONG) | AoEZone - The international Age Of Empires community

It’s a very long article but very very Interesting and i cathed some parts that showed to me that i was probably right when i said that the most talented developers were on COh3 and Aoe4 has been only a good step to take much Money to invest into CoH3: COH3 is their IP not AOE4. It was a huge mistake ask to Relic to develop a new AOE when they were making a new Coh, a direct competitor.

And when i said that CoH3 pre-alpha seemed much Better than AOE4 in terms of textures and graphic quality someone answered me that these games re not comparabile. Well, CoH3 Is what Aoe4 have should be.


yeah we needed new devs


Hope they don’t forget AOM de , I need some age to play , and I miss some “Prostagma”.


As always say, I smell an Age fan preview, with info about 2 DE, 3 DE, IV and AOM DE.


They set it up to fail. The game is amazing. A little polish and timely care would have made it a huge success. I still enjoy game but the potential is wasted. And as more and more players are leaving, its become harder to find fun matches.


I wait for a possible fan preview bevor I make my final thoughts and the season 1 update which hopefully have some nice surprises.

Nevertheless it is very sad to read that and I honestly already thought the same.

After season 1 update and a possible fan preview we might consider to take action depending of the news about AOE4.

When we are still frustrated we should make a petition towards AOE4 that they should hire Forgotten Empires and World Edge to at least help relic developing the game.

It would be good when someone from relic could say something to the statement of Likador. Then we maybe know a little bit more if it is true or not.

Well this explains a lot. Relic name tarnished forever do to greed. Was a cash grab from start to finish. Way to ruin a franchise.
When normal people can mod a map in 2 weeks thats 100% better then any map Relic makes. I knew something was up. When modders (on reddit) showed error in the basic code and how to fix basic bugs I knew then. Armature coders knew the falts in the code right away. Modders knew it was hacked together in a short time and shaby work.
Im sure there is some good guy devs working on this game but when normal armature coders and devs can do a better job in less time. well I start to wonder.
Mabe modders can take over this game and make it into something good. Mabe they can make all the code public and just hand it over to the community to fix.
This would be the best outcome.
Mabe hand it over to Blizzard as a side project or something


there is spaghetti code everywhere, i am a software dev, and i know this for a fact because of the kind of bugs we’ve had in aoe4. this is unmaintainable code. no one will be able to support or maintain it.


As a software developer as well, I have some light reading for you buddy.


no reason for all these people to lie about this. There fans of the game and want it to succeed. Im sure its all correct info.

Stop asking for Blizzard to make it, that’d just be a bloody disaster lmao


It’s all a bunch of opinions, doesn’t mean it’s correct or incorrect either way. People are speculating.

I’ve talked to other modders tons during the PUP. There’s plenty of good stuff written by people at Relic who know what they’re doing. There was nothing about it being “hacked together” or “shabby stuff”.

There are hardcoded limitations, for sure. There are things we want to change, but currently can’t. There are redundant files, old files, duplicate files, you name it. But that’s normal. Some of you have never worked in enterprise software, and it shows.


Well, I don’t think this is valid, I won’t buy CoH3 after aoe4. So I think it’s not a good idea to left a game so early on as they did with aoe4. What’s the warranty that they won’t do with CoH3? Just because that’s their own “child”?

I like aoe4, and the changes that they created, I am fine with the balancing patches, and the patches. But the fix releasing speed is way too slow. I understand only 5-10 people work on the game (or even less), and it is quite hard or almost impossible to maintain it, but in the end, compared to the bugs and issues we have, it’s not enough.

For me, the player base shrink is completely fine 1-2 k people is more than enough to play, but the game won’t receive any funds with a low player base and it is not finished for sure.


Because it’s a really different approach on developement. In Coh3 all players are actively helping developers about all of the game aspects. You can check the latest progresses and discussion here

And the game seems Better and more innovative than AOE especially for the new Dynamic campaign which gives a lot of strategy to players

Don’t worry he’s a famous troll here.


Mmm pero, es triste no crees? si tanto querían hacer su jodido COH 3 para que demonios jodieron el age 4 colega? que tanto les costaba dejarle el trabajo a parte del equipo de tantalus o forgotten empires? esto es demasiado molesto amigo.


I enjoyed this post. Well played.


Like we say in my country “the seeding is optional but the harvest obligatory”

CoH3 was never that important to make “them” use Aoe4 as laboratory to know how to procede with both games. Their messy behavior even muddle the potential for Aoe4 and the rise of RTS beyond the niche.
The council just act like they are the ones in the scenarios you must protect them at all costs or you’d be defeated. And they “did nothing” or wasnt heard. Seriously…


Well, i almost said nobody obliged them to accept making Aoe4 but if they didnt, we wouldnt get all DE

So anyway, it wasnt a mistake for us that love the franchise

Rather have Tantalus and FE continue working on DLC content for AoEIIDE and AoEIIIDE and maybe whatever is going on with AoM than shift them over to AoEIV.