Finally there is a treaty mode mod in the mod store

you can increase the pop cap with it too. no more bum rushes until the legal time


Piggy. Quick question. I’m a big treaty fan, and I just went in with the new update. I can’t figure out how to set a game up with the treaty option. I downloaded the “advanced game mod” which appeared to be the appropriate add-on, and I still can’t figure it out. Help please.

scroll down in that menu its all there

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AHH. I didn’t see that there was an option to scroll down. I see it now. Much appreciated!

If you play a lot of treaty, add me as a friend.


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What is this mod name?

advanced game settings


Thank you very much for the treaty mode and the excellent mod :slight_smile: They should add the options to the base game.

it also allows increasing the pop cap to 1000. its safe to do it to 400 any more than that than it can crash

Glad treaty mode is available for custom games. Hopefully there will be less complaining here about rushes in QG

mother of god its about time. today someone released a michi port in the cratfed maps section.

I also tried this mode, I loved it but the only problem I had was that I tried it against AI and it had no idea what to do. Never even left age 1. I sat back and built up to 400 pop just to see how it ran and even though I didn’t attack the computer just built a few buildings and never advanced. Trained a few units but it seems like it didn’t train any villagers. I don’t know if this is a problem with the mod or problem with the AI not understanding mods in general but it would be nice if we could use the advanced game settings against AI because its a great mod. Perhaps the dev’s should do an official version of the same mod and test it with the AI.
Very happy with the update in general, hope the AI bugs get worked out.