"Find" hotkeys shouldn't move the camera

When you hit a “find unit” hotkey it immediately snaps the camera to the selected unit. The majority of the time this is extremely unhelpful as I know where the building I am selecting is and would like to just train units or hit research items while continuing to manage what I am currently looking at. It is especially annoying if I am just keeping my TCs working while microing an important battle or raid and having to continuously move my camera back to my focus is a waste of time.

In AoE3 there is a button called [“Find” hotkeys center camera on unit] which can toggle off this behavior but as far as I can tell I haven’t found a comparable button here. It would be really nice to add this functionality, especially considering this is already the way control groups work - i.e. hitting the button only selects the units and you have to double tap or press space to move the camera.


In your hotkey settings you can configure keys for “select all X buildings”, and not only it selects all buildings of the specified kind, but it won’t shift your camera, and it works even if you only have one relevant building.

A camera location hotkeys adition should be a good option. But for the production just ctrl+group your military production