Fire arrows to protect Matilda, how I get them?

I’m in a mission that need to defend a castle,
Last time I had fire arrows against the siege enemies, I need them urgent.

Please help me I forgot where I get this kind of upgrade, which building and age ?

Normally an university imperial tech, don’t know if it available in that mission.
I solved it by using MAA to shift-queue down rams and immediately retreat.

hmmm, I’m a noob.
What is MAA??? Shift-queue?
You used the torches to destroy the rams with infantry? Didn’t understand.

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MAA is man at arms. He means to queue multiple orders on them. But if that sounds too difficult, just try to pick some man at arms whenever they bring rams to destroy the walls, right click with the man at arms to attack the rams, after that retreat them back to safety behind walls. All this time have archers on walls to shoot at enemies.

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MAA: Man-at-Arms, the heavy infantry units that can throw torches.

Shift-Queue: Hold down the shift button to queue up multiple commands, so select your infantry, right click on the ram, then hold down the shift key and right click inside the castle. The units will go destroy the ram and then immediately move to the location you specified.

Works perfectly for villagers too: Tell them to build a building and then click on a resource while holding down shift, so they will go gathering that resource after finishing the building.

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Actually didn’t know about that trick, thanks!
I’m still having difficulties not against rams but the other ■■■■■■ thing that unloads infantry.
They bring like 3 of those and even if I had fire arrows I had no chance.

How did you guys handle those things?

The towers unloading units on the wall? I like to cheese those by going down the walls and leave them there on the walls where they cant do anything. But you should still have plenty more archers then their infantry that they unload on walls so shouldnt be a problem.

Again MAA. My army in that mission consisted only out of MAA and longbows. I was mostly producing MAA since the longbows did rarely die on walls. Later on I added catapults from the keep.

Thanks for your kind help guys!