Fire attack on siege units need to be removed

I really hate that melee units run up to enemy siege and then do a windup animation before even throwing the first attack. This attack delay not only causes you to take a massive damage hit before dealing any damage but also causes your unit to literally do a 0 collision clump. This put your units in massive danger of well-placed mangonel shot. Furthermore, pulling out them torches just scream “look! I am targeting your siege!” to the enemy. Honestly this exacerbates the issue with dealing with large siege mass with infantry/cavalry.
Siege have 0 melee armor, why not just keep with the melee attack. You could just remove the fire damage when targeting siege and adjust the bonus damage to siege based on the individual unit rate of attack so that it will be equal to what they currently do right now.


Wowowow we needs them fireworks for cool lighting effects on night maps.

Otherwise I wouldn’t mind straight melee.

An interesting fact is that only wild boars and wolves can deal melee damage to siege.

I think for most melee units (especially spearmen and maa), the torch attack is more DPS than their normal attack. So I think they just need to improve the responsiveness of the torch attack. Make their animation less clunky, and perhaps increase the range of torch by 0.5 tiles.