Fire lancer, horse archer, tower rush

Fire lancer rush: leave a mix of ten spears 5 MAA and 10 Hand cannons near the most vulnerable landmarks, support with mangonels by keeping some nearby in crowded metropolitan areas (high building count) leave a few spears in front of Mangonels for added protection.
If one player defends while other attacks in 2v2 or two defend while two attack on 4v4 this will stop fire Lancers in their tracks and cost the enemy a massive amount of lost resources

Cavalry archer’s timing attack:
Have many (4 min) barracks and 2 siege workshops on standby and 6maa/12spears/14archer forward of base,
Immediately start producing 2 mangonels when you see the CAs as well as queuing up spears at every barracks
Draw horse archer Mass deep into base center by pulling in all threatened villagers and waiting just a second with your standby army.
Once CAs are in the back of your base come at them from multiple angles to keep them there and once mangonels finish target center mass on CAs they will lose all remaining units.

Mongol tower rush:
Start with 6-7 vill on food
Scout enemy after getting 3-4 sheep. If you see an oovoo and barracks in the enemy base put 3 vills from food to wood and vills 8-10 on wood as well then start collecting gold or put more on food, get a barracks out ASAP and produce two spears,
Start producing second barracks as you prepare to age up, keep your Scout in position to see the moment the enemy spears and villagers come your way, have your spears, Scout, and a few vills (if necessary) push back the enemy villagers, if they get a tower placed try to destroy it the second it’s placed with your villagers.
Should be able to age up early, start producing cavalry and dominate in second age.
Opponent will tend to go archers after spears fail.
Open to thoughts, these are things I have tried with great success

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