First 10 games elo bonus is way too much

You got over 40 elo per win, which 10-0 will put someone over 1400 elo already.
Which is top 30, and tbh it is not even that hard consider first 7,8 games would be quite easy for good players.

On the other hand, it is way harder for account played over 10 games to climb. When you get <20 elo per win, also could lose more/win less vs account haven’t done 10 games.

This make ladder board full of alt accounts, and kind of motivate us to make smurf to practice… Since only need few games and able to play vs top players.

I think it is kinda fair that you play vs good players if you win all of your first 10 games. I also wouldn’t worry about the state of the ladder in the first week of release before even the official “ranked” ladder starts with the first season. In a month the better players will probably have a much higher elo than 1400.
What would the other way arround mean if you don’t get that much elo in the first games? → You would be stuck playing vs much weaker opponents and you’d be held behind by the system without any meaningful purpose. Ofc the ladder right now does not describe the skill you have, but this game released last week.


I am completely confused as to how the ELO system currently works. Some top players have 100+ games, while others have 10-20. Win percentages are all over the place.


First 10 games give you the most elo.

For example, I made an alt on 2 day, won 10-0. Placed at 1412 at #2 immediate. Accounts played in quick access will have more games and lower win percentages, but since they started with lower elo, and no “first 10 games bonus”, it will take a long time to reach 1400.

The elo bonus also still last over 10 games, which is why they most top ladder account are 10-20 games.

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The first 10 games bonus also increase as ave/top elo increase now.

So let say, top 10 elo is 1600 next week. Someone won 10-0 would be placed 1500+ too, not only 1400.

Also the bonus lasted after 10 games, you still win more elo after.

Alt accounts on a $60 game? Yeah good luck with that.

@xxxxxKarma $1 gamepass trial would allow you to create multiple accounts. You can likely create as many accounts as civs/strategies you want to play around with, and cancel once the trial ends.

@NyanRacinCat Once the seasons officially start, these ELOs should all reset in theory.

Seems like too much now that the ladder just started. Wont be that when players are reaching 3k Elo. The Elo system has basic features that are well tested across a number of games and more.

You can actually do alt account for $0 when you own the game.

How do you do that? I’m having problems linking my Xbox account with my steam account, and dislike my steam account username. I would just switch gamertags, if I could.