First anniversary of AOE2DE ! what do you want?

For the 1st anniversary of AOE2DE, share ONE idea that need to be implemented

Mine: Stepp lancer need to have charge attack to give them a purpose (like mangudai first frame attack or elephant trample damage. Something different that offer new strategies)


Regional monk skins.

I don’t like the charge ability. All the auras, abilities, special things should please stay out. They already ruined aoe 3 in my opinion.


CA frame delay reduction!


A way to consistently reconnect when you drop/a way to consistently restore a game when someone drop and can’t be reconected.


A Lithuanian campaign cmon


Auto Villagers/Queues, Fearful Auto-Scouts, and new Feudal Age Units… :smiley:


New civs like Mississippians, Kongolese, Tongans,…

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Sarcasm right? even Auto-Scout reached AOE3 DE and nobody said nothing lol

Units to target the enemy units I selected, not disobey and attack closer ones in their path :frowning:


Chinese also need one.


Modding support for new civilizations.


Unlock every event stuff you missed at every anniversary.


A change to the matchmaking system that introduces players being matched based on their preferred map which now is only taken into account after players are already matched. For banned/unbanned maps it’s fine not to affect matchmaking (queue times would be too long in that case). I guess for people like me who play more or less exclusively arabia and arena the current system works well but players with preferred maps other than these two seem to have a hard time actually getting to play them.

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Fix the Cavalry archers problems and that includes:
-Frame delay
-Training time
-Rate of fire

Letterly, they need everything to fix

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nah, most those are fine.

Hahaha fine?! What is fine in CA?! 34s training time, 50% accuracy, long reload time and frame delay, what is fine man?!

for a heavily mobile archer this is absolutely fine.

thumb ring = 100%.

2.0 seconds. same as most every other archer unit in the game.

this needs to be fixed but that’s all.


I think that unit used with no civ bonus don’t require any update

The knights have 30s training time, and they are more easly to use and mass, the CA should be less than that training time, and 50% accuracy is really bad even with thumb ring that cost 300 food and 200 wood!!! This unit should be able to use once you hit castle like knights and any other castle unit!!! And the reloading time is slower than any other range unit and they have the slowest frame delay

I think if they fix frame delay, you will play then and feel the improvement. I think what you’re asking for is an over buff. Let’s fix the main problem first, then determine if they need more buffs after testing.