First crusade - Devs are you drunk?

1v1 arena, my opponent booming on 5 TCs researched first crusade, got 50 serjeants at the huge price of 7f 12g each, went up to imp and at minute 32 he shows up with 50 E Serjeants with 7/8 armour + skirms and capped rams.

I’d really like to know how the beautiful mind who gave birth to this beauty thinks we are supposed to play against that. Luckily I haven’t spent my 10 bucks and I won’t for a while.


I suppose you can go for meme siege tower rushes before they get all their TCs. Chances of success are super duper low but hey if it succeeds you get huge bragging rights, isn’t life beautiful :upside_down_face:

tower rush them. sicilians have no good counter to it.

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What are you talking about? Sicilian Donjons are stonger than Towers so Donjons kill Trushes.

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Ez, apart from the fact that in arena you can go castle even if trushed and there their donjon is gonna instantly become basically a guard tower, and if they are really in danger they might also rush a castle that is gonna go up super fast.

and how exactly do you get donjons? you need serjaents. who you can’t make without researching the tech or building a castle.

so on arena they are an issue, but you can still boom and make knights who should be able to handle the issue.

You can build Donjons with Villagers too in Feudal Age


ahh, well the wording on that sucks and needs to be fixed.

either way, i foresee both new civs getting nerfed in a month.


Villagers being able to build donjons and in feudal age on top of that sucks. Both the building and the unit could have been somewhat fine if they were both locked behind a castle.

Man, if you boom they can do the same (with 2 very good bonuses) and get an army for free they can poop out any time while you won’t! Realize how huge of and edge this is, the value of the tech is simply insane

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oh i agree its insane but as i said, they did the same crap with lots of new civs. i foresee nerfs in a month.

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Sicilians get absolutely destroyed by tower rush. You can’t counter tower and if you decide to go for a donjon you are down 200 stone and won’t build tcs. If you try to counter tower with donjons (bad idea) you have to put at least 4 to 5 vills on stone to build more than the first one. Also because it is a 2x2 building you can easily surround it with vills who kill it super fast. They have like no counter to towers.

Also if they have 5 tcs plus a castle they have to spend 950 stone in addition to the first 200. Thats a lot of villager down time that could also be for other resources. Pressure them early and they won’t get to that point.

ahh this makes more sense.

This might be “easy” in 1v1 games but in team games, their team mates can protect them which is a general problem with snowballing civs that become so strong at some point that it’s automatically gg (like Khmer ballista spam).

Only if they are pocket on closed maps. Otherwise no.

In arena this won’t work, a trush won’t deny FC there.

This really depends on the Elo rating I think, so I’m biased. If you go fast feudal with 21 pop you will certainly throw your opponent off guard, as he either has to counter tower or wall. This will shake his economy and if you pressure successfully you can deny his resources pretty well. Castle Age won’t do anything if you are pressuring him with towers and boom behind it. Go up to Castle, drop a monastery and siege/stable/range and kill him. Silcilians are super vulnerable to this.

Max 1 month and they’ll be nerfed

Man if sicilian player get to castle age any trush attempt is dead. Their donjons becomes basically guard tower for free that poop out units that slaughter any feudal army and take negligeable damage from towers. I think that in castle age with 1 donjon and 3 serjeant you can easily clear any trush attempt.

tower rushes don’t happen in castle age.

their donjons also cost an arm and a leg to build, so you have to choose between economy or donjons.

but again can you get to castle age when you’re being trushed? especially if you tower the sicilian players stone, that’s gonna hurt.

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