First impressions of the new campaigns?

I’ve tried Jadwiga. I’ve already won the first 3 scenarios. I think all of them were very difficult. I’ve just lost the 4th scenario, because it is pretty hard, but this campaign overall seems to be very fun and has many unique mechanics. It is definitely a 3 sword campaign.

EDIT: The night effect in the 4th scenario is fascinating.

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It is a 2 sword campaign tho? I’ve just played the first mission of it, which was not too hard imo.

I’ve also played the first 4 scenarios of the lithuanian campaign. I like how the missions are designed. The first one was a bit challenging or at least not too easy. The others were pretty easy but i guess it is okay considering it is a 1sword campaign.

I hope that i will find 1 mission in one of the 3 campaigns which is really challenging. The last missions which were really challenging came out with the DE release…Lotw was a bit too easy.

I finished the Jadwiga campaign. The voice acting was great, they found a really suitable voice for her.

The missions themselves were nice, I liked the mission where me and Vytautas had to pick bases, that was a really fun mechanic. The final mission was also pretty cool, it was interesting to try and complete all sorts of side missions, never managed to gather 10k gold, but got everything else than that done. I also like how Vytautas actually learned something during the 5th mission and put it to effective use in the final (6th) missions’ final battle.

The first, second missions and forth missions had difficult parts. The third was one of the hardest mission ever.

I don’t know how many tries(skilllvl also plays a role) and time people invested into this mission but if many already accomplished it, it’s not what i am looking for.

It should be a mission where you need several tries to achieve it…like 2nd kotjan or 3rd(?) ivaylo mission when they came out(i think they got easier over time).

Edit: DO you guys play on hard?

Finished Algirdas and Kestutis, the difficulty is ok, no problem at all.

When come to the Jadwiga, the 2 swords seem nearly to 3 swords(I’m now wondering how difficult Jan Zizka will be) difficulty, it require few attempts to get the trick to win.

The 3rd mission is no doubt a tough mission require tactic and multi tasking. Choose the correct starting town mass treb and ambush their castles at the correct blind spot, speed needed.

The 4th mission also tough but is ok, block each section with wall and build as many military building as possible to drag the Teutonic army’s time for withdraw. Only need to mass winged hussars, for it’s mobility and cheap cost. Need many stable to mass for against their last army.

Trying the 5th…

Overall, it’s good, harder missions at least you won’t finish so soon, have time to “enjoy” it :grinning:

The 5th Jadwiga(Polish) mission seems pretty cruel. First half of the scenario is nice and chill and then once you (or your allies) defeat one enemy, the second just randomly builds a wonder and manspam with Cavarly Archers and Keshiks. Barely got through that as my allies stopped responding to my requests and aimlessly patrol their own bases (they outright ignore resource tribute requests).

But the final bit with the Golden Horde, situated in a tucked in corner of the map with a river and a single chokepoint filled with the same unit composition to the point I couldn’t break through and their own wonder with a sliver of health.

Needless to say, I lost. Scratch that, managed to turn it around with a single last-ditch Trebuchet and a decoy.

(This was on Moderate)


That being said, I’ve also done the first Lithuanian mission, haven’t progressed passed the 2nd but so far they’re well made.

i played the first 3 jan sziska campaigns on standard the first one was an interesting concept eventho i might been to dumb to find all cows

the second on is probably harder on higher difficulty since the teutonic order dident really attack that much

and the third well its cool but i did the first part on standard and moderate and got out with 30+ units still

after all i still got 2 campaigns left and i must say not too shabby

First impressions? If you like being rushed by FU Imperial units basically right off the bat (which in the case of the second Czech and Lithuanian scenarios include unique units in the form of Crusader Knights, which can’t be converted and eat through anything you throw at them) and having to fight several enemies simultaneously while your imbecile allies do nothing then is this the DLC for you! Well done devs, this is how fun is crafted!

120 hp tops and leitis and bohemian spears wreck em

i personaly feel these are the best of all the champaigns. i cant think of a single one i prefer


I’ve finished the last one yesterday and i have to agree. They did a really good job on these campaigns.

I personally liked the polish campaign the most. It was more challenging than the campaigns of the last dlc and had some really nice unique playstyle(favoured 3rd and the last in that regard).

The 4th would probably be the hardest if you couldn’t build bombard towers or at least not for the normal price. Considering that walls and normal towers are quite expensive i don’t think this was intended. This fact made this scenario probably from hardest to easiest.