First Impressions

Hi all

So I’ve played about 25 ranked matches… There’s a few bugs but I expected launch to be volatile because it’s an ambitious timeline and scope.

AOE II DE takes some getting used to for along time player like me. I decided I definitely wanted to get the new version because I wanted to get the new civs, graphics, and have a new ranked service.

I like it so far, but it’s a little tough to just jump in and actually see what I’m doing after playing the older version for so long. I didn’t realize how a graphics swap would make me totally lose my place and see everything… like I was used to…

The automatic matchmaking is actually a good thing to me. I’m not very good at the other random maps besides something like Arabia but I’m learning. I like that I’ve got to learn some new styles. And I used to create a game in HD… and wait there for people to join for 5-10 minutes… so now that the service matches my opponent for me is great.

I’ve played at least 25 ranked matches and I’m still unranked in the leaderboard so that needs to catch up because it says you only need to play 10 matches to get ranked

One small complaint about auto matchmaking is that i cant select my color. Players are pretty particular about the color they prefer so I’m hoping this will get addressed soon. I prefer to be green… not red or blue

The lag and how the new server based gameplay deals with it is something to get used to. The game will pause and then everything goes in fast motion… that can really make a mess of any micro commands your trying to run. My machine and connection are pretty good so I’m curious to see if this will improve over time. I thought the idea was as that the laggy player would not be able to do much during lag and the players who weren’t lagging would be able to continue as normal. I have a pretty good connection so I don’t understand what is lagging. This might be due to the game release and everything being shaky … I hope

Otherwise I’m very pleased. A good new version of a classic game. Cool graphics. Guaranteed ranked matches if you can wait 4 minutes. New techs, new civs… new leaderboards.

Also I imported an old map scenario that I liked and it worked fine in the new engine… very cool. Hope everybody continues to login and play and enjoys the new game. Cya