Fishing Ship Buff

Allow ‘Fishing Ships’ to act as villagers to the point that they may build buildings within their reach upon the shore, as well as repair as a villager would from buildings to ships at sea, etc although the repair function could be a regular villager only thing to ensure that repairs happen when ships are by the land

No, This makes ridiculous things like buffing Three Archer Range on neutral island strategy.


Let’s wish devs don’t see your reply or else they may actually make this change (this used to be a thing back in AOK) just to make T90 happy, like they did with new Khmer bonus.


That’s a nice touch.

@WolfKhanGen, cool idea, but I doubt a lot of people would support it. Balance change needs support to make it happen. I don’t see this one receiving a lot of support. Instead people would think the game becomes unnecessarily complicated and hard to learn.