Fishing ship should be given ability to build wooden seawall and watch tower starting in Feudal

In the current state, all sea maps are open maps. You cannot secure resources position like you can with land. You just have to deal with enemy attacks…with an equivalent army. I think this inability to secure a position also discourages many low levels players from playing sea map. Giving fishing ships the ability to build wooden sea walls and towers could allow a more defensive sea plays. While the wooden wall and tower wouldn’t be that strong, it could provide the necessary delay and minor damage assist that could help a defensive position. Since the wall/tower would consume wood, I think it would cut into ship production thus balancing the defensive investment.
You would also have a zone of deep water that you cannot build on.


And here I am thinking that we already have too much walls and towers in this game.


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If you are trying to control water, it shouldn’t be for fishing, it should be for map control.
Nerf fishing