Fishing Ships idle

Can you please fix the fishing ships issue. It’s always been a problem in AOE II. After a while, they just stop looking for new fishing spots even if there are plenty left and the map is fully explored. I’m sick of finding idle fishing ships and manually having to click them on fish squares.


Maybe fishing ships are too far from remaining fishing spots? Similar to how villagers won’t go for other resource locations if they are too far away.

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That would be stupid though. Villagers walk miles for woods. Ships should surely go further, it just seems like an oversight.

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I’ve had this occur so often, even when there are plenty of fish nearby.

From what I’ve seen, my guess is that fishing ships cannot switch (easily) from deep to shore fish. perhaps this is an attempt to make fishing ships fish more efficiently (if there are deep fish nearby, it is more efficient to get a far deep fish than a close shore fish).

If this were the case, I would greatly prefer the original fishing ship behavior. If I’m not mistaken, in original aoe2 HD and AoC, shore fish and deep fish together used form a ‘network’, meaning that if a deep fish is not within the search radius of the fishing ship, the deep fish can still be eventually reached by the fishing ship by moving from shore fish to shore fish until a deep fish is in the range.


during the fishing ships there is a lot of smell and dirty material are left behind in the boat and I saw that the boat interior cleaner are very beneficial to use or overcome this hurdles.

fishing ship has issue, block it for a bit and it will stop and go idle unlike the villagers.

to avoid this problem u gotta make sure nothing blocks it not even for a short time. best way is to make fish trap and put them right ontop of it and right beside the dock with no travel time. 0 block, 100% continuous work, tested for 2hrs straight.