Fishing & Siege vs Naval: A Way to Balance Water/Hybrid Maps

Water and hybrid maps are busted for most civs right now. Here’s my balance suggestion:

  1. Nerf fishing gather rate.
    On hybrid maps, feudal knight civs like French and Rus reign supreme. French civ is king as we all know. You are able to devote more vils to gold, so you can churn out royal nights, making their Feudal push, which is already deadly, even deadlier.

  2. Make ships count as “siege.”
    With the exception of HRE, which can rush to imperial and get a fast cannon, you are screwed if you don’t pick French on island maps. I’ve had few successes on Archipelago against French where I gave up water as HRE, rushed imperial naked, and got a couple cannons to ward off Hulks, got carracks out first, then dominated water and win the game. You can’t do that with other civs.

Make it so that springalds (and culverins) do extra damage to ships. That way, a civ going against French can give up water until Castle on island maps.

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