Fix attack-move

Please make attack-move target only units, not buildings. Having ranged troops in the middle of the enemy town is just a headache sometimes. If I attack move in the middle of my opponent’s base my troops should move to that location shooting at every unit they encounter - that’s how it should work, please fix it so it does exactly that. I don’t want to tediously click on every single villager or enemy tiny unit that I probably won’t even click on because hitboxes of vills are non-existent sometimes.

Edit: this applies to melee units as well. Attack moving a group of melee units that are scattered around the settlement will literally make them all start torching the nearest buildings which is absolutely infuriating


I agree! Units should target buildings only if commanded directly or their command queue is empty and there aren’t any units in their vicinity.

Ironically, battering rams using attack move as it seemed to me ignore buildings.

There is nothing more satisfying than attack moving against the enemy army in front of you but your trebs, mangonels and archers in the backline find that lumberjack building on the side really interesting.


I can understand the idea of the post, but units will chase down other units quite a long way.

I’ve had the opposite, where I look up at my infantry mass after micro in general some siege or going back to base to queue or something, and they’ve run through the base, out under some towers or a keep or something.

I think it’s fine. Regular move to ignore units and buildings. Attack move should, you know… make thing attack?

i was disappointed there was no defensive stance. my ■■■■■■■■ units keep chasing after enemy units when i dont want them to


when i command my horseman to attack their archer mass, they might running around these archers without doing one attack, and get killed eventually. Especially when there are some spears in between, the horseman just lost their mind and running around, get stucked and die, do zeror damage to any enemy unit, even they are in the face.
Also when i command my IO to supervise a building when he hold some tax, he will look at the building, and decide not to follow my order but to hand in the tax. and I tried to command 3 times, staring at him, he just go back and have a look, and went away again.
I mean the overall pathfinding is problematic, unit often get stuck, or walk in a strange direction for no reason, ignoring my command or excute my command in the oppsite way i intended to.

And yes, battering ram might get lost and trying to attack unit, which he cannot… and end up wandering around doing nothing even a building is just next to it.

I believe ideally soldiers would attack all enemy units within the field of view and only after that starts attacking buildings and if an enemy unit appears in view they should stop attacking the building and attacking the unit.

that is how it works. 100%

edit: at least for melee. Ranged do seem to get too attached to buildings. Melee will run for kilometers to chase down dudes

edit 2: good point about refocusing after a new unit pops out. They don’t do that, which intuitively they should

They have priority buildings, houses are the last priority for exampe

Pretty stupid, you have a huge production in front of you, but the ram will go to break TC first.