Fix farm shots

the title’s really obvious, this has been an issue since the start of DE

  • first, mangonels can shoot the middle of a farm, tc, they basically win 1 range

  • second, you can idle villagers farm if you shoot it with range units, so if you have 5 range units on 5 farms you can idle the 5 farms

fix this


Small tricks improve joy, dont need fix.

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And not every concern, ‘issue’ or questionable mechanics is necessarily a ‘bug’ and something broken that needs to be fixed.

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Fix exploits pls

“small tricks” suck


Well they fixed on Xbox as long you have auto on they go back to work.

But really if someone attacking farm are you going keep on working it. No

All this points out your sim city flaw and lack macro ability you have.

As said no need to fix it

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What does this have to do with macro ? I’m not talking about noob level games on xbox, i’m talking about small tricks that can make a huge difference in 1k9+ elo games, the elo i’m currently in, even more as it goes up.

ranged units like feudal skirms or archers being able to idle villagers that are working on farms, just by attacking the farm itself, is a bug, not a small trick, just like the scan or seing resources being depleted in the fog of war was and guess what, it was removed. having idle farms in early game, just because the opponent can shoot it, makes a huge difference.

Do you even understand what i’m talking about ? The villager just becomes unable to collect food from the farm, he’s not under attack, a unit attacks the farm and the villager cannot collect from it, he just freezes and does nothing. It is clearly a bug but ppl are calling it a mechanic.

Farm shots are the same, it gives a clear advantage to the attacker when it comes to mangonel micro.

There were a ton of questionnable mechanics when DE came out, they were removed 1 by 1, why not those 2.


Ah yes, the classic conservative fan, using extreme cherry picking to justify their point.

So what about burning farms? You can take farms down to 1% hp and they’ll still work them. But shoot the soil with an arrow and suddenly you can’t harvest on the opposite side?? :ok_hand: Much logic.

If mangos can attack the centre of a farm and gain extra range to do so, then why doesnt this apply to all buildings? It’s an exploit on an obsolete mechanic.

The same way that foundation scouting and Res scouting were exploits on mechanics that needed to change.


I came into this thread disagreeing with #2, but after reading all the comments, I now agree

For #1, I don’t know that I agree yet. Just need more clarification on why it’s a big issue… or even an issue

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My take is that if the farm trick is in the game since this long and was never fixed even tough It would not take much, probably devs don’t think of It as a bug to be fixed, sadly

Basically, mangonels shoot the edge of a building, if you try yourself, shoot an ennemy building while having units also hitting it, you will damage your own units.

In case of a building that you can walk on, like town centers where 2x2 tiles are the solid part and the rest is walkable, and farms, mangonels shots will hit the middle of it, not the edge, the middle of it.

Farms mesure 3x3 tiles, so your shot will go 1 tile further to hit the middle, the mangonel itself will not go closer to attack a farm or a TC, it would be stupid because TCs have 6 range so you wouldn’t be able to attack a TC without going in range of it. As I said, it makes a huge difference when microing mangonels. You can even get shot at without seeing the opponent mangonel cuz he basically has 8 range.

Here is a video explaining it, it’s from MBL, a well known pro player.

MBL farm shot

For the idle farm trick here is another video from Hera, the current best AOE2 player

Idle farm trick

Please tell me this is not a bug xD. This has to be fixed asap, make it like any other building, it has to shoot it at the edge, not the center. I can only think of TCs and farms and I don’t think it’s the case for the rest of the buildings because you can’t walk on or under them like farms or TCs.


I would like to meet OP on a farm, he picks cabbages while I shoot said cabbages with a crossbow, see how long he’d like to stay around and continue farming for. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Yes. You can use this trick to attack Teutons 13 range castle with your BBC

But you can work on a burning farm.

Whether it needs to be fixed remains debatable, but it certainly shouldn’t be prioritized.