Fix Militia line, give +1 pierce armor +1 Melee Armor from LS onwards

Militia line needs a buff. period.

I am changing my post due to mistake on my part.

I suggest +1 pierce armor from LS onwards +1 Melee Armor from LS onwards

Therefore LS gets 2 pierce & 1 Melee armor as base and Champion gets 2 pierce & 2 Melee Armor as base

Militia line is not only trash killer, but also buildings razer. +1 pierce from longsword and on will let them do that in castle age too

Also these are heavily armored units they should have more pierce and melee armor by default!

Another possible solution could be to add +0.05 speed that would be nice for a trash killer that must reach trash first.

This however does not bode well for highly armored footsoldiers, they cant be both armored and fast.

But i think if the armor is fixed then speed will not be needed.

If this is done then Supplies may have to be changed to give less food reduction or say 5 hp.


Indirect buff to the Malian swordsmen man, Malians don’t need a buff


+1 pierce ain’t gonna do anything really. They still going go get wrecked by archer units

furthermore LS, THS, and Champion all have 1 PA base, and the only advantage Champions have is 1 extra MA, so

this statement makes zero sense.

and champs already have +1 MA, so really, i have to wonder what you’re talking about.


erm longswords already have 1 pierce armor? champions get base 1 melee armor


Changing anything on generic units require extreme attention because it affects pretty much all civs that has access to them. Such chain reaction cannot be understated.

Also, arguing balance changes from visibility perspective is debatable at best. Need examples? Just see how CA evolved from 40 wood 70 gold to 40 wood 60 gold, “to make them a bit more appealing”.

Back to militia line buff, they have their own use, serves the purpose. I see little to no reason to change it. At most, maybe tweak their movement speed by 0.05 or 0.1 and see if this will buff/nerf relevant infantry civ a bit or change its performance.

TLDR, changing generic units require attention, not pumping out changes like machine gun. Change for the sake of visibility is debatable at best.


Well they still die to knights and won’t last that much longer against xbows (at least not enough to the taste of most people who demand longswords buffs)

Uh how? They already destroy towers and TCs when massed, and they still won’t be a good idea against castles either. Not to mention siege weapons are already better building killers.

Interesting point. The upgrade time does a lot to deter some players to use it, but then if infantry switches become super easy, good luck ever halb+ram pushing anyone ever again.

Oh and I thought Samurai were borderline outclassed by champ, silly me since they are faster they are better.


Militia line in general is fine except their food cost in my opinion. The militia cost 60f and this is really too much for infantry unit, with supplies (and ofcourse not all civs have supplies) with supplies it become 45f and still high. I only suggest reducing the militia line food cost by 10, to become 50f without supplies, and with supplies 35f and ofcourse by applying this a civ like the stupid goths should reduce their bonus discount after this change

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Why? goths are hardly OP.


If they applied the 10 food discount, they should take Goths discount in consideration, i mean give them lower bonus discount after this change

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which means they have to spend more gold on units, and nerfs a civ which isn’t OP. good job. and they have to spend more on huskarls, and the spear line. see the issue?

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But if they applied the 10 food discount this will be a big buff to Goths with their currently discount, the gold already is not a big deal for militia line, it is so cheap already

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Actually no.
right now goths spend 42 food in castle age on their militia line. while other civs, with supplies spend 45.
after this change other civs spend 35 food, while goths would spend…35 food…
so again. what is the issue that you have to nerf the bonus to goths?

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Because they will be very cheap by this 10 food discount, Goths have 20%/25%/30%/35% cheaper in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age. So lets assume the miltia is 50f they will have militia food cost with (40F/37F/35F/32F)…hahahaha yeah you are right it is not that big difference. Ok then give this 10f discount to all civs militia without changing Goths :stuck_out_tongue:

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if anything this change is a nerf to goths.

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No, their miltia are deadly enough, and their drush/feudal m@a will remain the best, and they have bonus attack vs buildings. Or another suggestion for militia line is to give all civs (except goths ofcourse) supplies tech and make the supplies give the militia line 25 or 20 food discount not only 15.

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this is a nerf to goths.
right now castle age militia is 42 food for goths. with this change other civs would spend 35-40 food.

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But in general still 60 food cost for milita is really high, if they just apply -10 food discount devs for sure will know how to deal with Goths bonus by increase/decrease the discount what ever, but militia line food cost in general need to be less than 60 food for sure.

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Yea militia are weak. They’re not even part of any composition outside fighting eagles.

Not sure about reducing Food cost as it would affect dark age quite a bit. It is a decent idea however.

Id rather see little bit more beef on them, like +5 hp from men-at arms onwards and +1 melee armor for longswords onwards. Like militia line are supposed to be the superior frontline due to mobility but knights just feel better, faster and don’t require as many upgrades.

Overall I am ready for full Militia line rework where they tune down infantry civ bonuses a bit (Malians, Goths, some UTs) and buff militia to usable state as they’re available to every civ. Then you can tune down their bonus damage to eagles by 1 or something so eagles don’t suffer that much.


What gives you this idea? if they were supposed to be a superior front-line unit they would have stats to make them tanky, like the knight, but they don’t. they have no melee armor before champion, and 1 pierce armor, which makes them one step above archers and pikes.

based on the fact that i’ve literally seen them in the two most recent tournaments, and a showmatch that just happened involving gamers legion, i’d say they are definitely “In a usable state”.


Well you spend more to upgrade them AND they’re slower than knights. Needless to say they should be stronger than knights in a head on engage as knights can choose when and where they take the fight and infantry are much weaker to archers than knights. And neither side has bonuses against the other.

It is not hard to see the issue of lower mobility unit being weaker to a unit that has no bonuses against it, imagine elephants losing to knights with equal resources.

First of all, you seeing militia line that is available to every civ in a few games out of 200, doesn’t mean that they’re strong. Yeah, goths have like 30% discount on them, maybe then they’re worth making (which shows how ridiculous the infantry bonuses have to be compared to cav ones).