Fix Team Islands

Team Islands really shouldn’t be generating with alligators/wolves, rhinos and elephants. Gives one player a total advantage in the game often depending on hill balance for the hunt and sheer luck on the former.

How is wildlife related to hill balance?

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If one player has all of their elephants and rhinos on a hill or in some cases over two hills it can make it impossible to pull in without scout play or loom due to hill bonus on attacks. Sets up an unfair advantage early that you see play out even at the high level watching pros. Tournament maps always have left out wolves and their counterparts and only gone with regular boars on any islands map.

On Team islands sometimes I get bug, that there is only one relic on map. So player who gets the relic on own island has advantage.
In general each player should have one relic but the bug with one relic missing happens quite often to me.