Fix Team Ranked Match Making System

lol imagine waiting for 6 minutes as a gold or plat player to be matched with a conq player which is a waste of time because its zero competition. that’s how you lose players and make the issue worse. also look at it from the conq players view. how many easy wins is going to keep him happy. for them its like playing ai easy. you lose players on both sides. rubbish system

and ive been getting match with conq within 1 min as a plat player then. this issue only came this season. other seasons were all good. played 2,3,4 and now 5

Alright I see what your getting at now. Man this system is wild

I have to drop this here again:

You don’t know what people were in the queue at the moment you got your match.
You just assume that because your match was bad that means the system must be bad.
What if there is no better match possible?
There are not that many people that play AoE4 ranked for team games and then you also need multiple of those people.
And then there is the whole issue of premade teams too.

A lot of people would say they should get a separate matchmaking but then it would get even harder to find a match.

If queue times would be longer then less people would want to play leading to even worse matches.
There is no solution to matchmaking other then having more people play your game.