Fix the lag ingame

Just curious, are you gonna solve that problem ? Currently, if one player enters a game either being yellow or red (on the side of his name), the entire game lags, it’s unbearable. Why should we be punished for a single person having performance/ping issues ? This is not how you treat your community at all… We either have to ask the person to leave and if she does not we have to play the entire game like this or simply leave and queue again ? COME ON. the community is growing, give us region based servers, players can then decide to play in their region or multiple regions like NA EU ASIA.

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This is not ‘fixable’, since it’s a inherent problem to how the game runs the multiplayer matches. The best you can do is try to stick with people that do not have performance issues. And hope for the game improve more and more, so the performance issues will become scarce.

There is already region based servers to several regions, and every non-LAN match happens hosted server-sided. Note that this red clock thing is not a connection problem, but rather a performance issue. If you’re on a match with high latency the only person that will be affected is you.

Those servers mean nothing when your ranked que plays me against some guy in Asia or Australia and I live on the East coast of the US. I think the OP has a point… If you play in a certain region of the world you should play against those people first for better connections. Connections/Regional area should take priority in match maker over ELO. And it’s clearly the other way in the current state of the game. Voobly, and even HD AOE2 you could see the connections of the players before launching a game. Therefore, if some guy is red you can get rid of him and play someone else with a better latency. Not possible with the current ranked system. I wont even touch 4vs4 games in the current state of this game.

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The red icon means his PC is bad not that that the latency is high. With the server system i played guys from china and had 0 lag. The guys lagging a most likely playing on old hardware that barely managed to reach the points needed to play ranked and struggles after the game runs for a long time or with more programs opened in the background.