Fix the RELIC EXPLOIT asap!

please fix it ASAP or the game will be unplayable in a few hours/days…


For those wondering: The Infinite Relic Bug... - YouTube


Yes, have to thank Age of Noob for taking the time to create a video regarding it. Hope the Dev team picks up on this and patches it up quickly.


Not a problem.

It was wisely implemented and talked about several time.

Every thing is intentional. :grin:


lol why do you always sound like you’ve been mind-broken by this game?


Maybe i played too much quality video games and i had higth hope. XD

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does this work with all monks/civs or just rus/ warrier monks

i believe only rus monks

Can we report players for cheating using this exploit, and will you take action on them?

Else recommend all players to ban Rus Civ from their open game lobbies. Game is unplayable at this moment.

Don’t worry, just you wait.

They will fix this relic exploit first, then the unit duplicating exploit will be next, if people are not cafull whit it. xD

Yes, at the end of the match there should be two golden circles near the name of the player you fought on the score screen. You can report them via that. Using an exploit not intended by the devs is grounds for banning.

They already know and said they’re on it.