Fix Warrior Priest not rallying ontop of Community plaza

As someone who has been playing the original game, that is vanilla, Warchiefs and Asian Dynasties expansion, I remember that during the Warchief expansion, you would be able to set a rally point from your Firepit ontop of the Firepit. This would make all your spawned warrior Priests automatically start dancing on the firepit.

For some reason, this is no longer possible. Everytime this gets brought up, people say “this never worked” but it does. If you don’t believe me, check for yourself if you still have the old disks and install only the Warchiefs expansion.

I am simply asking to implement this feature again. There is no reason to remove a quality of life feature from Aztec. Its already a high APM civ. Since this feature got removed, you have to task each individual warrior priest to start working on the community plaza.

Another problem is the fact that the Community plaza has terrible unit animations. Most of the time, the villagers or priest will stand idle and do nothing. Whenever a priest is spawned, he will stand right next to the community plaza. Whenever that happens, you have no idea if these priest who are idle are actually working or not. So you will have to select them again and again and again, because you can never be sure. This is just terrible animation and gameplay design and a huge step back from the old firepit animation. If the warrior priests would rally like they used to, this wouldn’t be such a big problem.


I would love for this to be possible too. Just check on TAD it’s not working, so I believe somewhere after TAD release this bug was introduced.


Hi @Zer0pntEnergy, thank you for this report. I’ve made note of the issues described and created a ticket in our database.

I checked the rally point flag issue you first described which appears to be working correctly in DE. You are correct also that this worked in TWC but not in TAD.

As for the second issue about Community Plaza Animations for Priests (Aztec) and Priestesses (Inca) it appears that their animation is not playing or looping correctly so they appear idle instead of busy.


Hey Breadalus! Thank you very much for responding quickly.

Now I am hopeful that this will get fixed in the future. Please stay save and healthy!

Hey Breadalus, someone has reported that its indeed still possible to rally the warrior priest ontop of the community plaza once created. However, you have to click on a very specific spot to make it work. I tested (only in singleplayer so far) and it works. However others have reported that it does not consistently work in ranked games.

Hopefully this is helpful to you!