Fix your points attribution after game

almost every loss results in more points loss than points gained after win. there is nothing more frustrating to see ourselves going lower and lower league, even when we win as much as we lose. please fix this or people will keep leaving the game out of frustration.

also, please, forbid smurf accounts (out of one game bought) or higher player will keep bullying lower player and make them leave the game.

That’s a bit obvious trolling I have to say.

I’ve been looking at the distribution to see if this is happening to everyone, but it doesn’t seem to be happening to a massive extent. The % in bronze was 50.44%, now it’s 50.65%, so only a fairly small increase.

The system naturally fights against rank inflation by rewarding WINNING less than loses it means only the “streakers” thrive as going on streaks indicates actual skill.

IMO I like the concept…but I do hate losing 24 points after just winning 17…

typical ELO system from chess and whatever. tested for decades. works properly.
google how it calculated.

As far a I am aware, AOE4 uses the TrueSkill system to establish your ranking, not the Elo system. TrueSkill is owned by Microsoft.
Elo calculates your points for a win or loss based on the comparative ranking between you and your opponent, with an adjustment based on the number of games you have previously played (the K value).
Instead of the K value, TrueSkill uses an uncertainty rating. As you play more games the uncertainty value becomes more certain of your skill level, and attempts to move you up or down the ladder to the rating it calculates that you should have (compared to other players) more quickly by inflating the awarded points. In other words, your past performance is used in calculating how many points you gain or lose after a match.
Admittedly, this can appear to be extremely unfair when you lose more points than you win.
TrueSkill ranking is not intended to be a reward or punishment, and you shouldn’t think of it this way; although it doesn’t help that you receive a shiny rank badge and cosmetics based on your end of season rank. The system is trying to get you to a place where you will have the fairest (and most fun) games as quickly as possible. Once you reach that place, the points for a win and a loss will be more even.
Try to ignore your ranking and points awarded (easier said than done, I know), it doesn’t really mean anything.

I agree that the ranking distribution is heavily skewed towards bronze at the moment, and that this can be demoralising. Hopefully the distribution will shift towards silver and gold as the season progresses.

3 days later it’s 51.29% in bronze, which does suggest some sort of problem with the calculations to me.

And now, just over a month later, the % in bronze has increased to 53.34%, vs 51.29% from my post above.

You are rfight here but the formula is not set in stone. Variables can change.

They need to be transparent with the formula to not lead to speculations.

For example i play Go (online off and offline)

  • Here the Europeans use a more tight formula that the Americans. Meaning that in Europe you lose and win less points than from the American version.