Fixes for player dsync and wrong framecap in game

Im writing here after i saw the issues I reported a while back getting fixed in Company of heroes 3 update 2 days ago while we still having them in Aoe4 since release. Knowing that both games are on same engine , just slight updated version for company of heroes 3. Aoe4 could use the same fixes we got yesterday in COH3 update:

1- if x player dsync, he disconnect and the rest carry on. U all experienced it at least once. The dsync hack as it called. COH3 had it and it’s fixed yesterday. So pls carry it on to Aoe4. It’s the same dev anyway. Currently in Aoe4 there is a certain way to dsync the game for everyone, usually it’s abused by some players, mostly in team games. Ranked mode which is famous in the community

2- frame rate cap is not accurate. In Aoe4 and COH3 the cap is exceeded by around 10/12 frames. So a cap of 144 usually gives u around 165 or smth. This effect gsync users who need to stay within certain frames to benefit from gsync properly without added delay. COH3 got it fixed yesterday. I complained about this on official forms a while back. Can we get the fixes copied to aoe4. At least the dsync one.

Thx in advance


Thanks @Bendy52! We’ll take a look.