Fixing Delhi

Imo and if you check higher level delhi players. Delhi needs to be extremely proactive to compete. From tower rushes to early walls etc. This idea that you sit back and que research and boom to castle Imperial just doesn’t work on most land maps predominantly bc other civs just boom faster and earlier than delhi.

So start pushing the issue early with delhi and make pikes to wall off deer batches in dark age and eventually wall of sacred sites. Tower rush Rus, HRE, French age 1 gold mining to force them to slow produce their gold units or research blacksmith in order to ram your tower.

The more time you buy via delay and killing villagers the sooner your free researches will catch up and then pay off.

There are many many many bugs but the civ is till viable in pro games.

I’ll concede that Delhi late game is weak. Been playing a lot of Delhi and they are D tier on team games unless you attempt to get a sacred site victory. Their water is not so bad, but not practical on team games were Rus just swarm Lodya Attack ships. IMO they nerfed sanctity, because a lot of Delhi were wining team games easily. It still feels like a one trick pony for team games. Either win with sacred victory or mass elephants behind your team.

Now, I’m not backing down that Delhi has among the strongest feudal comps. Incorporating 3-6 scholars into an all-in is enough to take down most TCs and then click-up to castle (just to seal the deal). Like other’s have stated, Delhi relies on distractions and map control for success. Heavy wood line economy.

Scholar activity is also heavily encouraged. Switch them throughout the game from research to unit production, and get a few on the field at all times. Use your field scholars as relic collectors or sacred site captures.

We do need the bugs fixed tho.

Multiple blacksmith being OP ? Am i dreaming seriously?

you mean. In the Delhi’s player don’t bother researching it when they got to Imperial ?

This is op. You’ll get an early dark age aggression from delhi that will wall you out of the map AND pressure your gold/wood line with outpost. EVEN WITHOUT PLACEMENT it won’t be funny of either side.

I can’t see that as a problem since you’ll never reach that point with any civ on 1v1 anyway. Plus only people that never played the game should see it as strong. In fact you Delhi will rarely get tech advantages and other civ have more and stronger unique tech that give them around +3 on a stats that Delhi’s blacksmith give (armor/damage).
AND Delhi have the weakest eco - pls don’t count free tech as an eco bonus it’s not - of the game wich mean you’ll never ever beat anyone from that.

It’s been sayed again and again but Delhi’s Military AND eco is the weakest on paper and that’s the main issue.
We shouldn’t think that Delhi will change drastically only because scholar will apply the time reduction correctly. It will only give a better timing for their techs late feudal and after. but those generic tehc are not game changing with only a generic army/eco. they definitly need something more and sanctity is not that thing they should rely on


But other civ player don’t need it to win against delhi. That’s why you are discussing about delhi’s issues, you need to be better than your oppent to MATCH their strength. Not getting a win, match them !
But of course a far better player than you can beat you even with delhi. Thanks god it’s the case or the game would be definitly toxic ! Isn’t it ?

If on paper their is an issue, no matter the skill level that issue will appear. You’ve seen springald dominating the meta in high to mid elo for a reason. and that’s why i say the level of an individual shouldn’t be an argument or we can just say there is no issue with delhi right now and the only issue is the skill level of the player you decide to pick on. But you don’t see high levle play delhi often do you ? how many Rus/chinese/mongols you see compared with the number of delhi ? That’s all you need to know as proof that the civ is either weak, not fun or both.

It’s not really a strength of the civ since we’ll soon see player with other civ tower rush as well.

Honestly. How a scout can stop a couple of vills from droping a tower around your gold or wood line ? and mongols/french/rus(/chinese?) can afford to send 2-3 vills to do that…the point is delhi’s wall advantge in D age isn’t really the iconic aspect of the civ.