Fixing ladder system should be priority for ranked season2

While lower elo players complaining too much players in Bronze, completive players don’t like it too.
It is kind of about who can farm more players 600+ elo lower more, as you got way too much elo from those.

Also, there should be a function for players in customer room able to filter players by elo/rank. (max/min elo requirement) It was a great feature in other aoe titles, especially for players to play team games around their skill. Elo/rank should also be an option to show in game lobby.

I’m afraid there is no easy fix here because the playerbase is small.

    1. One efect is because the playerbase is spread acros diferent time zones.
    1. I the begining people complainred about long ques. Because of that i believe the system tries to find an opponent in range and after a certain amount of time (5 min i believe) it paries you with the first person it finds.

And then the behaviour of players contribute to the bad system as well.

  • Plaayers want to win so they usually ditch games with bad maps or stronger players.

  • This messes with the wait time of the player they ditched pushing the timer artificially up. (By far the bigest complain at the top)

    1. The elo system needs changes and the formula should be Transparent so players know exactly how it works.
  • In a game i play (Go) in competitions there is a protection variable. If the difference in rank is significant the stronger player loses less elo that it would if he played an equal opponent.

even in Quick match its almost impossible to find a player of your elo. Most of times (like 4 from 5) will match with whatever is available.

This is because most of players are leaving due the game IS BORING. No players means you play with whatever is online at that moment.

do not fix bugs.
no playerbase, so it can not be fixed.

but the real joke is ML with “quick play”, is not it’s 100% the same? (but ranked show icons depends on ELO?) lol

From what i gather (because no transparency). The elo is the same but pairings are different.

  • In Quick Play pairing is done by elo and in Ranked is done by points. So ML likes the pairing by elo more.

New content and stuff for casuals should be the main priority if they want more players :slight_smile:

Besides color picker everything announced for season 2 is only for competitive players.