Fixing somethings in Megarandom

Megarandom is a funny map to play, no one knows what will face when you got this map in the queue. As you know, sometimes you start the map with having buildings like market or barracks or stable or any random thing, when you see this, you say ok, I need to take the advantage of this, but for example, when you have an archery range in Megarandom from the start, and you need to go insane fast feudal to do fast archers rush with having an archery range, it won’t let you to click feudal until you have 2 DARK AGE BUILDINGS. IMO this thing in Megarandom need a change, so for example, if you start the map with archery range and of course you will build a lumber camp, I suggest to make this enough to click feudal rather than having 2 DARK AGE BUILDINGS, this thing will be better in Megarandom to take the advantage of randomness things rather than sticking to the normal rules in a map like this.

The archery range is a feudal age building. Ofc it wont count as dark age building for that reason. Same is true for other buildings that you cant build in dark age. They wont count as dark age building. That is pretty clear to me. Nothing needs to be changed in my opinion.


it is not about the building, what you said I already said it, it is about giving Megarandom a unique rules since the map itself is unique with its start and randomness, sticking with the normal rules in Megarandom is killing the fun in this map. It will not be a problem to add a rule in Megarandom that if you have a feudal/castle/imp building from the start then no need to have 2 dark age buildings to click up.

Some mega maps have loads of hunt too and more than 2 boars I think having the requirement slowed down a bit given how fast the mega maps sometimes play might be a good thing. I think everybody would FC with the randomised buildings counting and usual extra food sources