Fixing the Maghrebi

The Maghrebi tech, is a UT for Berbers in the imperial age, which make their camels regenerate their hp like 15hp/min, which is somehow is a kind of joke actually and almost useless and not even worthy to research it, it is even better to put your camels in the castle especially with Herbal Medicine rather than using this tech to heal your troops

My suggestion:
Maghrebi make camels regenerate 30hp/min.

NOTE: Herbal medicine make your troops healing 500% faster which is 72hp/min!!! So this actually make berbers player researching herbal medicine is waaaaaay better than use this stupid tech, and maybe some of you will say “Ok, but Camels with this UT regenerate their HP without castles and through their fight”… then is will say to you OMG 15/min is worthy for that, especially when you fighting you will be dead faster than 15hp/min.

So what do you think?

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while i agree that the UT is lackluster, herbal med only heals units while they are garrisoned, which means they aren’t doing anything for you. Maghrebi heals them no matter where they are.


As i said do you think this 15hp/min will make a difference especially when you fighting?!

it won’t make a big difference, but my point stands - healing while garrisoned means your units aren’t doing anything for you.
healing while they are out on the map means your units are at least out on the map and can scout, raid, etc.

my point is you are comparing two things that are completely different.


But actually the big advantage of Maghrebi when you don’t fight and let your camels rest, because by this stupid ratio 15hp/min it is completelty useless while fighting, so i prefer research herbal medicine and let my camels rest in castle rather than waiting to get 15hp/min. This ratio is a joke man.

Maybe could worth more if it heals much more ratio, but only while your troops aren’t fighting.

A little regeneration makes massive difference, you don’t need to create slow, useless and weak monkswhen waiting between battles. This tech costs 150 food and 100 gold less than berserker gang. Berserks regenerate, it just adds 20HP/min (Doubles) in addition to their regeneration. Regeneration from 0 must cost much more than addition to something.

Compare it to Berserker gang. Maghrebi Camels adds regeneration to 2 units from 0 to 15HP/min and costs less than it. However Berserkergang costs more and just effects Berserks and it is just 20hp/min in addition to already 20hp/min Regeneration (40hp/min total).

Berbers are strong. They have cheapest Hussars in the square world. Less farmer, more Hussars to raid or sell some of food or 100 farmer more hussars to raid. Fully Upgraded and cheap camels helps too. Their unique unit is as good as Mangudai but without siege bonus. They don’t need buff.

Hahahahaha what?! So what is the difference between this and herbal medicine?! Actually Herbal medicin is waaaaay better

i wonder if it makes a change if they change the ratio from 15/m to 25/m or something because as it stands it works not really effectivly but if you save guard them then yes and in castle they should provide arrows and a better heal

Everything you said is wrong and it seems you don’t know how useless this tech is

i disagree it got his niche role and it works if you use it correctly just as beserkergang

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Don’t forget that Berserks have less hitpoints than Camel Archers or Heavy Camels so it’s even bigger difference


1-Vikings Infantry have +10%/+15%/+20% HP in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
2-Viking have free wheelbarrow and free handcart.

Berserkergang doesn’t exist and healing change from 0 musn’t cost more than adding?

Some civs needs good techs like Goths, some civs doesn’t like Huns. Also your camels are cheaper and fully upgraded.

1-Vikings Infantry have +10%/+15%/+20% HP in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
2-Viking have free wheelbarrow and free handcart.

How do you just compare Vikings to Berbers?! And Vikings units train faster

Berber villagers move faster is good farming bonus, nearly same as wheelbarrow in Dark Age (usually you have like 3 farm)

Cheaper units helps you get upgrade or make more stables to spam more units. Training faster Aztec thing but I think you meant economy. I forgot to mention Kasbah, makes Castles work faster for both units and upgrades starting in Castle Age.

Berber Stable Units costs -%15/-%20 in the Castle/Imperial Age.

You are wrong about Beserkgang. Once researched, it allows Berserk) at double the rate (from 20 HP per minute to 40 HP per minute) allowing them to last even longer in battles without monks support

Sorry, my English can be bad. I meant this. And can you answer 16th post. Where I replied why Berbers and Vikings can comparable. They aren’t same but they are like Goths-Cumans.

This post.

I agree, it takes too much time to pay itself. It is an imp tech, where you need around 8 minutes of regeneration to make up for a single unit, and need to get the full health of 10 units to get back the cost of the tech.
Maybe a decent change would be to go with the general theme of Berbers, and make it apply to all camels of the team?

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Berbers eco bonus with their +10% is a meh bonus, now answer me serious, do you think 15hp/min is fine? Which means actually 1hp every 4 seconds!!! Do you think it is worthy?!