Fixing the Siege meta

Yea I agree with slower movement speed for most siege, I got repair speed nerf in there :slight_smile:

I’d probably see how siege changes would pan out then perhaps look at giving all cavalry reduced torch damage to buildings.

If the enemy has managed to waddle an infantry army into my base then they deserve to do a decent amount of damage, but if my walls go down and a cavalry blob gets in then its a boring GG a lot of the time in team games.

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Yes, wooden wall just do not exist, when enemy mass cavalery on the wood wall. I do not know the use of it. XD

Siege with projectiles that require aiming like in AoE2 would make a big difference, but I’m afraid it’s hard coded into the game that all ranged units are basically snipers, artillery included. I think this is the biggest design flaw that cannot be fixed anymore, they always hit whether shooting at a castle or knight moving at 20 km/h.

Nah, mangonels can miss. They can add it if they wanted to.

Check the last Age of Noob video, about mangonels. He tested stuff up and yeah, you can micro away from a mangonel shot (albeit hard to do)

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