Fixing Water, The Last Major Issue With The Game

Controlling water units suck. while they look cool they are not fun and extremely frustrating to actually use. lets fix that with a gameplay first approach.

Make Water units more responsive by allowing them to instantly turn. when you attack with a ship, if its in range it shoots instantly. abilities such as broadside or bombardment also begin instantly, and ships can attack as soon as the ability is used.

ships by default are no longer affected by formations, they always move at the maximum speed when not given a formation.

reduce ship collision so that there is reduced bumping and cases of ships waiting for another one in front it to die so they can get in range to fire.

make docks constantly hear nearby ships for a % of maximum health.

make warships cheaper and train faster so they aren’t as big an investment to contest with a land focused game plan/deck.

make ships less bursty having thier rof fixed at 3/number of cannons. the more cannons the higher the rof, and the lower the average damage. canoes and rafts have their rof increased to 1.5 or 1.0.

have a look at ship hp compared to cost, and interactions between artillery, ships and buildings to create more engaging gameplay.

keep iterating on it until its engaging and fun to play. if its not fun, its not worth implementing in a videogame.


This is a really good post imo.
Water is one of the most frustrating aspects of this game which is a shame because the animations for the ship battles look amazing and its one the main things that got me into buying this game.

I agree with that, it’s very hard to balance land and naval units and the fact that you can easily fend off ships with towers, tcs and even the dock having an attack makes warships a lot less cost effective. I think cheaper warships could be a step on the right direction.

You have a lot of good suggestions, but you should make a dedicated forum and not as many different forums as someone suggested the other day. I think it calls more attention. Make a forum and collect the other forums you have made.

Frigates are a bit under-wheeling for their cost. They should be able to tank more damage.
I also think the limit on Frigates and Galleons should be increased.

The cards that improve ship attack and hp should be improvements at the dock. Cards should be focused on improving capabilities of docks and gather rates. I find it really strange that you have to sacrifice your land army capabilities to improve your ships.

Good ideas, water does need some work.

Warships need a better attacking mechanic but a super high ROF would probably look bad and be really annoying. It should still be a burst attack, but each burst should be multiple shots with some area damage. That would fix the issue of a swarm of canoes dominating warships because the warship can only shoot slowly and each shot is a ton of overkill. I think canoes and rafts are alright with their current ROF of 2.

Broadside should definitely be automatic like it is for sloops, or at least be togglable to auto-fire.
Bombardments are usually targeted attacks so it should be manual or togglable.
Boarding as a charged melee attack for ships could be another option to add some flavour to water combat. Privateers and Xebecs could even have the option to capture ships this way. With Morocco being the likely next civ, it would be cool to see some more water mechanics that a pirate nation could use.

Ship cost and build time could be slightly reduced, but I wouldn’t mess with that too much. They just need to be brought in line to make them all cost-effective for their intended use. Upping their attack versus land units could also make them less of a risk to commit to.

Docks already heal nearby ships, but this could be buffed, and their crazy high garrison attack should be nerfed.

Another point you didn’t mention is how terrible water treasures are. You usually don’t get to them until long after you’ve stopped focusing on treasures. And since it’s hard to find time to focus on them, if you do go for them and don’t pay attention or misjudge, you’ll be punished harshly by losing an expensive warship.