Flame thrower

Are flamethrower viable ??? , I think They have too little demage and range to use them effectively .

What does the community thinks ??

hey are a counter to Muketerrs and Skirmisher, so yes, they are viable because they have huge Ranged resistance.

But problem is small range , they can’t hit from far like other artillary . It’s easy to focus them by units or just kill them by mele units , as they don’t stay behind the protection.

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They do deal a much bigger amount of Area Damage, though. You are supposed to mix them in with your Melee units, not have them frontline for your Ranged units.

flamethrower are niche. Youd never mass them unless you absolutely would get full uptime attacking; otherwise their slow walk speed and range attack leaves them to be kited at all times.

You are not supposed to mass the, just get 2 or 3 to counter Skirms and Musk.
Massing Flamethrowers is the same as massig Culverins, they are overly-efficient couynter units that excell at just one job, and fail at everything else.

I think they would be waaay more viable if they had more range, they don’t even have to be like a canon range wise, just enough to not be an automatic GG if you are against cav, because they get countered HARD and your anticav can barely do anything to protect them in time…

They are viable, read this guide