Flamethrower buff

They should get +1 extra range for each line upgrade, with a total of +3 at imperial age.


I would do the following(may make them op)

  • range armour to 75
  • pop space to 2

I’m in favor of this kind of buff only if they get a speed buff as well. With your buff you would actually be able to use their vs artillery multiplier, with the speed buff they won’t get kited and easily killed by the infantry they are meant to counter (specially in Age II)

This should also be considered, particularly because of their high cost already


they already have 4.25 speed so they are faster then basically most infantry

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With the range distance they lose that catch-up game badly. Perhaps you are speaking from theory but I’ve been trying to make them work for a while now and this is definitively one of their main problems.

You need a snaring unit or you are damned, and by going cav you are neglecting having anticav with China and we all know how that goes

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Yeah let’s give china another buff. They need it.


the main builds for flamethrowers are either changdaos flamethrowers or backing them up with anticav so you won’t be missing anti cav.

The black flag army from the castle basically makes exactly what you need.

You are right. That’s all Age III tho, I’m talking about using them in Age II this is what you’ll find

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They just got a new card to buff their attack speed. All they really need is to be 2 population. Nevermind, I thought they were only 3 population not 4. 4 → 2 would be insane, but 4 → 3 might be reasonable.

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the trouble is they are wayyyy too strong to be 2 pop. they have an absurd amount of dps. not sure where the line for balance is with them. really polarizing unit in a lot of ways


They should surely not be 2 pop, also not quite sure about buffing movement speed. Range gives some room to work with them, and doesn’t make them straight up OP from the get go.

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Yeah I suppose that would make for too oppressive of a flamethrower death ball if you could mass too many. They’re not really a bad unit as is, just very specialized like all of China’s units so they could just be left alone.

Maybe lingering fire damage similar to poison if they really needed a buff. That would be more realistic than extra range.


Flamethrowers are really one of the most op siege weapons in the game. Maybe not as a first unit in age 2 but it synergizes nicely with a large army.

Its only true counter is Heavy cav. And it actually does a fair amount of DPS on them too, Culvs and other cannon have range but no multipliers vs them. I am not even sure dragoons get a multiplier. China is sure to have pike or chandgaos to protect them from cav and then they can just march over everything and melt any buildings in the way.

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flamethrowers are tagged exactly the same as mantlets. infantry, ranged infantry, siege unit.

they are countered by anti-infantry artillery and melee cavalry. they do not take multis from goons or culvs. they take 2x damage from oprichniks and half damage from towers and forts.

if they can close the gap, they melt through skirms and are always good against units like pikes. the issue is that ckn and arq are already so massable and meteors and flails are so strong vs skirms, so added anti infantry feels rather redundant. they are phenomenal in team games though, combine with something like war wagons and some uhlans, or some javelin riders & shotel, that sorta combo is deadly


I didn’t realize falconets and such got tags vs them. that is interesting since they out range them considerably.

But your observations are correct, its kind of redundant late game when chuknuknus are so good and they have 2 free flying crows.

I still mix them in though as one of Chinas strengths is many types of units that need different counter systems.

they should have 2 or 1 more range per upgrade and have at least 2 or 3 population

flames are uniquely good vs skirm goon or skirm/musk so they do have a place. i like to keep 2 or 3 in the front lines lategame

LMAO any basic falconet and even a leather canon would not agree with that assessment

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flamethrowers are interesting because the really high rof dramatically increases the snowball effect and reduces overkill to the point of near non-existence. they are simultaneously very strong and very weak, thus why i describe them as a polarizing unit


do you understand how the hitbox works for them? such as will any unit in the flame path take damage? and what the damage cap multiplier might be vs other cannon?

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