Flare suggestion

My number one suggestion for a (hopefully) easy improvement to the game would be re-enabling the flare tool after a game is finished. After you resign from a game the minimap flare is disabled to prevent cheating. After the game is completely done it should be re-enabled so it can be used while discussing the map with your teammate post game.


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I agree. Actually flairs don’t even need to be disenabled any time. Since they can be team oriented, just make it so that dead players can only flair to other dead players.

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Yeah, it’s always felt weird that you can’t use the flare after the game is over. EVERY time a match concludes, teammates want to discuss what transpired during the match, and point out certain units, landmarks, funny moments on map, or a plethora of other things… but it is so hard to describe locations.

I’m tired of saying, “Hey, take a look at that unit near 9 o’clock by the cluster of trees there. See it?” And then wait for confirmation from teammate. I’ve wanted post-match flare capabilities for ages now… literally :smiley: Certainly, we can’t be the only three players in the world that would benefit from and want this?

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What a great idea :+1:

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