Flares instantly disappearing

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Randomly flares don’t show up or show up only for a few milliseconds.

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  • 25% of the time / matches I play (SOMETIMES)

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Hi @anon642a !

We could not reproduce your issue or see your video either, do you have another one?


I’ll try to get one, it’s very common.

A recorded game could be very handy too!

MP Replay v101.101.59165.0 @2022.03.13 042316 (4).aoe2record (2.3 MB)

Here’s one, first flare of the game instantly disappears.

I’ve noticed this as well, while playing ranked 4v4s.

Thanks for this!

I have created a ticket with your replay. We are now tracking this issue :sparkles:

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Yes, now that I see this bug report, I remember a couple of instances from ranked teamgames in the past where my ally (who I was on a voicecall with) could not see my flares, but I could see my own.

That’s a different issue I believe. When the game starts, randomly you can be muted by the other team or have the other team muted for no reason. Sometimes it even happens among team members, as you experienced. This is a day 1 bug that the devs are apparently incapable of fixing. Same thing with the flares disappearing, it’s a day 1 bug although it may be a legacy issue as well, can’t remember for sure.