Flemish Revolution

Hi everyone,

Here’s a proposal for the Burgundian UT :

  • Actual Tech and UU

Flemish Revolution - 1200 food 650 gold (10 seconds)
Turns all Villagers into Flemish Militia.
Enables Flemish Militia at Town Centers.

Flemish militia - 60 food 25 gold (14 seconds)
pv: 75 f: 12 arm: 1/1
bonus vs cavalry

  • Rework Tech and UU

Flemish Revolution - 900 food 700 gold (10 seconds)
All existing villagers can be upgraded into Flemish Militia.
Enables Flemish Militia at Town Centers.

Flemish militia - 60 food 20 gold (9 seconds)
pv: 75 f: 11 arm: 1/0
bonus vs cavalry

side notes :

  • The upgrade’s option only concerns villagers who are already created on the moment you researched the tech.
  • The upgrade cost is 20 gold for each villager, it apply almost instantly when you clicked it.
  • Villagers lose all the ressources they were carrying when they get upgraded.

It’s been a while since the DLC came out, and it’s still a very controversial tech as even pro player find it out of place.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have only bad sides. It creates crazy games which are sometimes really fun to play. But the mecanic is wrong IMO.

My suggestion is to give a less All In use to it, allowing you to react quickly to raiding or add extra forces to a push but still keeping some economy behind it. Yes you will still be able to go All in with 164 vils but it will be far more harder to do.


I would make the upgrade cost 25 G and the training cost of flemish militia 60 F 15 G.
So there would be a benefit in training it directly.
Plus after the nerfs flemish militia isn’t as strong anymore to justify the 20 g cost.

ANd also 900 F 700 G is way too much for that tech… 400 F 100 G would be completely fine, especially as you then need the gold to upgrade your vills.

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This imo, is by far, the best idea to rework the tech, nerfing it, still respecting the revolution mechanic and even making callback to AOM norse Gatherers

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I like FR as it is. I don’t want things to be changed just because some players don’t like/know how to play against it.


If they don’t want to nerf their insane eco recovery, then this is a good option.
I support this.

Pretty sure a revolution is not the next generation picking up arms.

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Just change it to “Flemish militia becomes available at the barracks”.
A champion with bonus damage against cav, for a paladin civ, what else can you ask for?

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Too similar to Goths and Anarchy

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Huskarl and flemish milita is a completly different unit.

I hated the FR at the beginning but after playing them for a few weeks now I kind of got used to the tech and actually even like it more and more.

I think their eco recovery should not be changed. The FR shouldn’t be a simple all-in after which you either won or lost the game. A reboom should be possible.

In my eyes the problem rather is that the Flemish Militia themselves are still too strong. I would suggest to either give them the Spearman armor class or reduce their base attack from 12 to 10 or 11 damage


Still both are unique infantry units, and the suggestion is basically to train an infantry UU at barracks, which Goths already do.
Also then why even use flemish militia when halberdier is even more effective killing cavalry
And It kinda ruins the Revolution theme.

Well that’s the main point of the proposal change :joy: If the tech doesn’t turn ALL your vils into flemish militia, then you could still have most part of you eco and you don’t even need to reboom.

The automatic drop ressources will not be needed in that case, because it will be too strong if it just repay a part of the vils upgrades cost. Knowing that Burgundians have a very strong eco, 20 gold by vil could even be too cheap… but cost is adjustable.

In any cases, the tech will not just be simply a chaos button, but a deeper strategic option which will be more balanced taking into account the number of villagers transformed.

That’s part of the proposal, Spearman armor class is also a good idea too

I really don’t like your rework… it will make FR a useless tech.

Honestly your UT could be free since you have to pay +2000 gold to get +100FM
And why nerf the unit too, it cost gold and is worse than for example champions in melee and habs vs cavalry , not to mention than viking champions is overall better in everyway. The unit is not broken.

I really would like that they replace the UT effect entirely, maybe unlock FM in barracks and TC and give infantry or barracks a minor bonus.

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Well if you include the tech cost, 900 food 2700 gold for 100 instantly created units is still fairly reasonnable.
Right now 100 FM real value is 6000 food and 2500 gold… (2000 with the proposal)

You can also factor the 5000 food for the vils, but they have already largely repay for themself by the time you click the tech.

One of the main problem of FR is the instant created aspect, I mean at very large scale and with no cost adjustments it get so easily out of control.
Even with the recent nerf it’s fairly easy to achieve depending on the maps, and 180 unit popping out for this price should’nt be an AOE II thing. Each one could have his opinion, but at least I rather have a bit more versatile and long term tech than a win or die thing.