Which areas you think upcoming AoE IV needs flexibility???

Balance, History accuracy, gameplay wise…

Gameplay options and strategies, nobody wants to play a game that is linear do this or lose strategies like you see in chess for instance. Otherwise you end up with Stronghold 2 horse archer spam with knights & horses (that games only good strategy.)

Historical accuracy also needs some flexibility in terms of unit stats, environment/ecosystem or anything to do with map generation and visual art style. I say this because not all soldiers are equal. No archer or gunman I know of always hits the target. I mean, people that are fit for service has gone through the same training, but experienced soldiers do better. I love what they did in C&C, act of war and other things where experienced units get a noticeable minor buff. That system is very flexible since you can have a completely random mix of experience or inexperienced soldiers. Upgrades can also increase their effectiveness further and eye candy shows the enemy what they are up against. These two systems combined could really speed up the game when a clearly superior player is dominating all the other guys units. I suggest they add a rock paper scissors formula or something along the lines so that at any given instance, the smart decision could change the game. For example, lets say somebody moves their units and they get scattered during an attack while the other guy had a backup army to hard-counter and farm them to rank up. I think you get the picture.


Yeah but no need C&C I had never played it and its gameplay videos show that this entire franchise is very ■■■■■■ and messy.

C&C series are awesome. I love AoE and C&C series, both has different and great gameplay mechanics. What Tyrantissar is saying that is only about unit experiences with minor buffs. Not turning AoE into C&C. None of us want that anyway. Stick to the roots and we all gonna be happy